Gefira #35 South Africa is one of histories laboratories.


  • South Africa – Europe’s Future
  • Third World people build Third World civilizations
  • South Africa’s economy collapses
  • Corruption resulting from mentality
  • State-owned corporations – nails in South Africa’s coffin
  • Recommendation: Interest rates will go down forever
  • Energy


History is not a science in the strict sense of the word: you cannot pour human populations,  into test tubes, heat up and agitate them to see how they mingle and whether the mixture has better qualities than its constituent ingredients. Yet, it does not mean that there are no experiments in history: History carries them out on its own and the only thing an analyst has to do is to identify them and draw inferences. If something happens at present, it has its parallels at a point in the past, somewhere on the globe. Hence the saying that history repeats itself or the adage: nothing new under the sun. Russian folk wisdom says that anything that we call new is merely something that has been long forgotten.


The white man’s world – Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand – is undergoing a process that the Germans call Umvolkung, the French – Le grand remplacement, and the English – ethnic replacement. Its advocates preach the gospel of the non-existence of human races or significant differences between them, of the blessings of multi=cultural societies and generally the inevitability of this epic change. All past events are interpreted in a manner that is supposed to convince the average white man that he can only benefit from what the multi-racial, multi-racional and multi-confessional future holds. But does it?


In the June bulletin of Gefira we show our readers around one of History’s laboratories known as South Africa, where races, nations and creeds have been poured into a test tube, heated up and agitated, and produced a specific mixture whose characteristics we can analyze and eventually arrive at the right conclusions. Whether we embrace or reject the future served us on a silver platter by social engineers, we ought to at least take the trouble to know what we are in for. One does not buy clothes or shoes without first trying them on. And since History is kind enough to let us into her many laboratories, why should we reject such an invitation? 


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