Gefira 57: The Ebb and Flow of World Politics


  • Europe’s energy crisis is designed in Brussels
    India and China are better markets for gas and oil producers
    The energy chaos is a win-win for banks, speculators and the green energy lobby
    The chaos at the European Energy Market has just begun
  • A Literary Vision Come True
    Political Landscape
    Shifting Power Dynamics
    The Power Game in Asia
    The Concert of Powers in and Around Asia
    A Uni- or Multipolar World?
    The Global Driver of Political Change
  • Finis Germaniae or 16 Years of Merkel
    Woe to the German taxpayer
    Violation of fundamental rights and the lying press
    Economy heading for stagflation
    Headless energy transition and green lies
    Abuse of the right of asylum and breaches of the constitution
    Disaster in the civil service
    Collapse of security, police and justice
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Gefira 57 familiarizes us with the Ebb and Flow of World Politics. We set our sights on the man-made energy crisis that is in the making in the European Union, which – out of hubris – has decided to ban anything having to do with coal and now is heading for a disaster. The alleged man-made climate change has resulted in a genuine man-made energy crisis… Did not Aesop describe something similar in one of his fables? But then, who learns from Aesop those days?

The energy crisis is coupled with the political and economic tension. We are seeing the emergence of three formidable alliances – three empires – the Anglo-Saxon transatlantic union (NATO, AUKUS, Five Eyes) in which the United States and the United Kingdom reign supreme; the European Union, governed jointly by France and Germany; and the Eurasian bloc of states (SCO), where Russia and China rule the roost. Are those alliances and pacts not reminiscent of the Entante Cordiale and the alliance of the Central Powers of the First World War, or the Axis and Allied States of the Second World War? We may be in for big events.

With Angela Merkel eventually leaving the post of the German chancellor, we are also summing up the 16 years of the denationalization of Germany (as a part of the denationalization of France, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy), sixteen years of the violation of fundamental rights and the lying press, sixteen years of the exploitation of the German taxpayer and the favouritism shown towards Third World immigrants, sixteen years of energy transition and green lies, sixteen years of the collapse of German security, police and justice.


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