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Syrian-Iraq war spilled across the boarder into Turkey

Since the US coerces Turkey to participate in the Syrian war in July, the Syrian-Iraqi war has spilled across the boarder into Turkey. Our team tracks daily acts of war in Turkey. According to our first estimate, around one thousand people perished last month in eastern Turkey and Northern Iraq, as a consequence of the armed conflict between the Turkish army and Kurdish insurgents. Given the number of incidents, the daily attacks by Kurdish fighters in Turkey and the arming of Kurdish fighters in Iraq by the US, Germany and other Western countries, we expect the situation to deteriorate even further.  We will come with more exact numbers in the coming weeks. It is no coincidence that the refugee crisis moved into Europe at the same time that Turkey became the next victim of a mix of reckless US-Europe foreign policies, ethnic conflicts, religious fanatics and scruples political ambitions.

Street fights in Turkey Friday. A Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighter was killed and another was wounded in Turkey’s eastern Tunceli province after an exchange of fire with security forces Friday, local authorities said.

UK prepares to supply arms directly to Kurdish forces fighting Isis Source The Guardian 14-Aug-2014
David Cameron is prepared to supply weapons directly to Kurdish forces fighting jihadists from the Islamic State (Isis) in northern Iraq, in a move that risks drawing Britain back indirectly into the country’s conflict.

Germany to supply arms to Kurds fighting IS in Iraq Source BBC 1-sep-2014
Germany has decided to send weapons to equip 4,000 Kurdish fighters defending areas of northern Iraq against Islamist militants.

Dutch government to transport weapons and munition to Kurds Source Dutch News 2-sep-2014
The Dutch government will transport weapons and munition from eastern European countries to northern Iraq where they will be handed over to the Kurds, defence minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert said on Tuesday.

Iraqi Kurds may get more German weapons Source The Local 12-Jan-2015
Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said on Monday that Germany may send more weapons to Kurds fighting Isis in Iraq during a visit to the country.

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