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Trump’s Nomination NOT a Surprise for GEFIRA Readers

After the resignation of Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the race for the Republican Party presidential nomination, Donald J. Trump as the only remaining GOP candidate is on a collision course with Hillary Clinton.

The GEFIRA team is the only European analyst group that was NOT surprised by that fact, since we claimed already in August that “The world should prepare for Mr. Trump as the next president of the USA”.

We do not change our mind and in contrast to many other analysts we do not congratulate Clinton on a future victory, all the more so because the Democratic candidate is still facing charges from the FBI over her use of a private email server.

The GEFIRA team is also NOT surprised that Trump, having won the nomination for all practical purposes, named a former partner at Goldman Sachs, Steven Mnuchin, as his finance chairman. In the December article “Donald Trump: America’s next president from Wall Street” GEFIRA team explained Trump’s relationships with the world of great finance. At the same time, more and more GOP notables either give their endorsement for Trump (like former Vice President Dick Cheney) or withdraw it (like former Cheney’s boss and US President George W. Bush).

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is becoming a leader of the Republican hesitant group, who will eventually support Trump’s candidature in the name of the “party’s interests.” At the end of the day, everyone concerned about their own future will have to put up with Trump, like Sen. John McCain, who supports the billionaire without receiving an apology from him for personal offence. The whole campaign is the symptom of the ongoing power struggle among the American establishment: Donald J. Trump is its result rather than its cause.

Trump turns to Goldman Sachs veteran as finance chairman.
Donald Trump has turned to a veteran of the investment bank he frequently criticized on the campaign trail to head up his finances for the presidential campaign Source MarketWatch 2016-05-05

Trump, Ryan tout unity in wake of meeting
Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan concluded their highly anticipated meeting Thursday amid signals that the Republican Party will work to piece itself together after a fractious primary. Source CNN 2016-05-13

Bush presidents won’t endorse Donald Trump
Legislation to meet Former Presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush are not planning to endorse Donald Trump for president, their spokesmen said Wednesday. Source CBS News 2015-05-05

First on CNN: Cheney says he will support Trump
Former Vice President Dick Cheney will support Donald Trump, he told CNN Friday, an important move as the presumptive Republican nominee is encountering intense resistance from senior members of his own party. Source CNN 2016-05-07

Decision time for FBI on Clinton
The FBI investigation swirling around Hillary Clinton’s presidential run appears to have entered its final stages. Source The Hill 2016-05-08

Nobody’s Trump support is more striking than John McCain’s
A long, long time ago in a political world that now seems far, far away, people thought Donald Trump’s controversial comments might be offensive enough to bring his presidential bid to an end. Source Washington Post 2016-05-09


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