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Make the planet happy: take action and have no children!

There was a time when people thought history was about the deeds of heroes: leaders, fighters, kings and queens. Then came the time when people thought that history was driven by economy: the concept of historical materialism was born. Today historians are becoming to realize that history is all about biology – humans are biological entities after all – and though economy i.e. the exchange of goods and services still plays a very important role, it by far does not explain human behaviour fully. Man is made up of body and psyche (old terminology: soul, which is the translation of the Greek psyche). We are all by necessity participants of the market, we all in order to survive need to offer something to others to receive the goods and services that we need. Still, we do not all seek to enrich ourselves in a limitless way. Jimmy wants to make airplane models, Cathy spends her time doing the gardening, George prefers to go fishing while Laura likes travel above all. They all need money to pursue their hobbies or interests, yet they do not need millions. They are driven by their passions and these are born in their psyche. Keith wants to paint landscapes, Fiona wishes to try out different kinds of cuisine, Mark will play the guitar while Lucy wants to impress her watchers with her skill as a dancer. These are psychological needs that demand – after the bodily needs are (even partly) satisfied – that they be fulfilled.

Human psychology seeks meaning. Man needs to have meaning in life or else he feels unhappy. Amassing fortune may be one of the manifestations of meaning, but man being man, it is not the only manifestation and even if one is possessed by it, once he has money, he wants to spend it also on things that have nothing whatsoever to do with his material wellbeing. He wants to impress others with his goodness, greatness, magnanimity, ideas and the like. Look at the billionaires: they all have foundations, they all support causes, they all make use of their money other than satisfying their material needs. Such is the function of human psyche. Once well-fed, warm and safe, an animal will lie and sleep. Once well-fed, warm and safe, a human will spring into action.

These are obvious things.

Now, which is the greatest of goals that a human may pursue? It is to be admired, loved and followed by the largest possible number of other humans. How can you be loved, admired and followed by the largest number of other men and women? Performing a hit song or being a popular actor are some of the solutions, but then even the most popular hit or movie is not popular with everyone and not for a long time. People have different, changeable preferences. Besides, you need to be an artistically gifted person. There are, however, things that all humans appreciate: their own lives. Thus, if you can cast yourself in the role of the saviour of humanity, of human lives collectively, you have made it. Everybody will follow, admire and love you with a gratitude unsurpassed by anything. Also those who will follow humanity’s saviour will feel that they have meaning in life. They will be able to back in the splendour of the saviour and participate in the grand project.

Such is – as already said – human psyche and it is human psyche that ultimately makes humans act. 

In today’s world religious salvation is gone. Few believe in it. Besides, there are a number of competing religions, which is all the worse for each one of them. What can unite all people across the globe? The goal of saving them all from a global disaster that looms large. The disaster of overpopulation which will deplete the earth’s resources and lead to the extinction of the humankind. What can we do about it? How can we save people? It is simple: we can prevent humanity from multiplying because if they continue to multiply, they will very soon run out of their Lebensraum. People need Lebensraum. We do not want to cull them, so we will provide Lebensraum in a different way. We will reduce the world population, we will cull the people in the bud, so to say, prevent them from being born. We need to make people have fewer and fewer children. How do we go about this task?

First, we need to frighten people out of their wits that overpopulation is a real threat. We need to produce films, write articles and books, have TV programmes and all sorts of similar things, and we need to address it to the young, impressionable minds. For that matter see Small families, small planet, a propaganda video run by, where mostly female actors impersonate not particularly bright women who, shown the “hard evidence” to wit how threatening babies are for the whole planet, experience their eureka moment.

BELOW: Simple, not to say primitive, but effective. A catechism

of tendentious questions and predictable answers 

Question (voiceover): What do you think would happen if families across the world

are bigger by just half a child than average? One more baby for every second family?

(Small families, small planet, Population Matters, YouTube.)

Actress’s answer: It would surely plateau off. It can’t just keep going up.

(Small families, small planet, Population Matters, YouTube.)

Visualization of the population growth projection.

(Small families, small planet, Population Matters, YouTube.)

Actress’s reaction: Heck! It’s just getting bigger and bigger, isn’t it?

(Small families, small planet, Population Matters, YouTube.)

It has been noticed everywhere that the more educated women are, the more social positions they are holding, the fewer children they have. Hence, the saviours of humanity have come up with the idea of women and girl empowerment. (Women empowerment is a fashionable phrase that has replaced women liberation.) Now women and girls everywhere think that the United Nations and other organizations are so concerned about their education and careers because they have discovered how precious female minds are and how much women will contribute to the wellbeing of the world with their ideas and inventions. No, dear girls, no dear women. You are targeted for the sole purpose of preventing you from being mothers. Women being women, they are almost all of them buying into this idea. That is why the number of strange – not to say weird – academic departments are opened: they must accommodate the growing number of “academically gifted” women; that is why grants will be lavished on girls, money that is paid for female scholars to – say – calculate the proportion of oaks and birches in different regions or investigate gender problems in 19th century literature or 17th century painting. All these and similar activities will be paid for because – as it is openly stated – educated (if educated is the right word for it) women tend to have very few children or none at all. 

Visualization and question (voiceover): What about the other way,

if average family size across the world was just half a child less?

(Small families, small planet, Population Matters, YouTube.)

Actress’s answer: Yeah, if everyone had half a child less,

that would have a huge effect and would solve the population increase.

(Small families, small planet, Population Matters, YouTube.)

To divorce women from their biologically conditioned, typically feminine tasks has proved quite an easy task in the First World. Psychiatrists – not even psychologists – should research into this phenomenon. Women have been made to believe that motherhood, that child raising are activities that are below their dignity; women have been made to believe that to serve their family is something worse than to work in an office or factory and serve their employers. Still, biology is biology and some women – what’s worse, some men too – still want to have children. All animate world is hardwired like that: all animate world has the drive to multiply. To extirpate this drive is a Herculean task but it is feasible. Again, psychiatrists should be very much interested in the phenomenon. In all cultures and in all time children were desired, children were regarded as a blessing. Not any more so. Children are now a burden. And mind you: a burden not so much for the parents who cannot enjoy life to the full, but for the planet, or Mother Earth writ large as the planet is more often referred to.

Yes, more and more people have been afflicted with the conviction that they are a burden for the planet, that they produce too much carbon dioxide, which leads to the green house effect and the progressive destruction of the environment. The organizations like, mentioned earlier in the text, or also make an intriguing suggestion, namely that an individual in a developed country uses up far more resources than an individual living in Africa. The suggestion is to reduce especially the population in the developed countries, that is to say, the white population. Judging by the enunciations from the young whites published by, they are all happy to comply and to commit collective racial semi-suicide. A civilisation of death, indeed. 

Question (voiceover): Do you think it makes a bigger difference

to the environment and our future if one less person in the richer world

is born or one less person in the poorer part of the world?

(Small families, small planet, Population Matters, YouTube.)

Actress’s answer: Looking at the way we are using resources,

then one less person from the Western World would make more sense.

(Small families, small planet, Population Matters, YouTube.)

Poverty is among the other main causes that are held responsible for a large number of children. It is argued that in poor countries with no or little social care, people rely on their children for additional income and personal economic safety in old age. What can be done to make poor countries rich? Political and economic justice are proposed. What does that mean? Do they want to make the developed countries work to their full capacity and then share a huge chunk of the produce with the rest of the world? Do they want to carry it out by force or by affecting the collective psyche of the citizens of the developed world? The latter seems to be the aim, in which case such a phenomenon would constitute again an interesting study for psychiatrists. Still, if they have managed to convince people that children are a burden, if they have managed to convince people that national borders are anathema, it looks like they can convince the same people that they should share the fruits of their work with the needy. Just like that. 

Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace: Keep girls in school after puberty to move

into higher education. It has been shown all around the world

that as women’s education improves, family size tends to drop.

(Jane Goodall @ Population Matters Conference 2019, YouTube.)

Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace:

(Jane’s interview – FRANCE – #HUMAN, YouTube.)

Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace:

(Jane’s interview – FRANCE – #HUMAN, YouTube.)

Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace:

(Jane’s interview – FRANCE – #HUMAN, YouTube.)

Listen to the United Nations messengers of peace, obey the likes of Jane Goodall, and take action. Make Mother Earth happy and have no children because Mother Earth is an envious goddess and if you disobey, she will take her revenge. It is not without reason that has selected a green clenched fist for its logo. 

Why do they all – East German Communists, African National Congress, Antifa, Black Power – love the symbol of a clenched fist?

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