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BBC: the Unbridled Craze for Equity

Try reading the BBC’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2021-2023”. You really need to have a stomach for it. This forty-page manifesto lays down guidelines and targets that the corporation has pledged to follow and fulfil. They can be succinctly expressed as the 50:20:12 framework, which means that all the staff and leadership positions are to be occupied by 5o% men, 50% women, 20% non-whites and 12% people with disability. Merit need not apply. The BBC is in line with, reflects and aims to implement the whole collective Western leftist ideology which focuses on race, ethnicity, ablism, gender, women empowerment, the empowerment of the people of colour, and the usual string of terms. Words like diverse, diversity and inclusion occurring more than once on each and every page of the document: ad nauseam! All employees taken together and each employee as an individual will – as the text makes clear – enjoy all imaginable support from the corporation and co-workers, experience personal and professional development and promotion of everyone’s talent, aspirations and career. No one is to be left behind, God forbid!

The text is stuffed with a huge amount of newspeak that conveys either meaningless or incomprehensible content. One statement is barely different than any other. It looks as if someone put words like the mentioned diversity, diverse, develop, development, support, promote, promotion and a few others in a mug, shook it and threw those verbal dice to compose subsequent pages of the brochure. Everyone who participated in the creation of this text and everyone paying obeisance to its message should be condemned to reading it from cover to cover. A few times at that, but one such read will certainly be sufficient punishment. Anything, virtually anything – a buzzing fly, a humming mosquito – will easily divert the reader’s attention from the hogwash that is regurgitated in the brochure. Surely, the authors and the advocates of the text cannot be bothered to validate and verify particular statements. They write what they write because it sounds oh so progressive! Consider some of those assertions and declarations:

Is this how the BBC wants to be perceived? (Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2021-2023)

① (page 9) “Diversity is (…) about understanding why those differences (of characteristics or identities) are valuable.” – Why should we be constantly reminded of the value of diversity? No one needs to be constantly reminded of the value of education or medicine.

② (page 11) “We aim to build a truly inclusive culture at the BBC where people (…) meet their career aspirations and thrive.” – What if just a few of the employees aspire to crown their career with being chairmen or directors-general? Will all those career aspirations be satisfied?

③ (page 20) “The achievement of those [50:20:12] targets will be underpinned by a radical process of transformation within each of the BBC’s divisions, introducing bold, long-lasting initiatives and structural changes.” – What do “radical process”, “transformation”, “bold initiatives” and “structural changes”, what does this fatuous claptrap elevated to the status of lofty language mean?

④ (page 23) “Before I joined BBC Wales as a digital journalism apprentice, I thought I needed to fit this ‘BBC mould’. But upon joining, that myth was completely debunked. I was celebrated for being myself and was told to bring my experiences to the table” – Are then nationalists, British patriots, activists of anti-immigration, advocates of traditional values, traditional Catholics, deniers of man-made climate change, and, and, and, also recruited, employed and celebrated for being themselves? Even the least astute BBC employee knows that this is by no means an option. The following excerpt proves the point:

⑤ (page 25) “Our consultation highlighted a range of behaviours that risk undermining
our aim to grow an inclusive and kind culture at the BBC. We will work to educate and equip all of us to be inclusive every day in everything we do.” – Aha, there you have it! A couple of people have been mistakenly employed i.e. they have somehow not been spotted by the BBC “woke” radar and now those employees stand in need of re-education or else… That’s how inclusivity ends. Let us continue:

⑥ (page 25) “We will ensure 95% of staff have completed mandatory training in Unconscious Bias and Disability Confidence by January 2022.” – Wow! Unconscious bias, that’s something! Employees will undergo Pavlovian conditioning prior to being made aware and ashamed of their deep-rooted reprehensible psychological attitudes. The mysterious 5% left out of the group of those selected for brainwashing remains another question. Who are they, those very few illustrious, illuminated ones who do not need reeducation?

⑦ (page 31) “I’m from an impoverished northern, working-class Irish Catholic background; I left school in 1962 with no qualifications and worked in the ‘real world’ as an engineering fitter, coal miner, docker, van driver all whilst trying desperately to be a rock ‘n roll star!! […]
I feel that the BBC can seem like a gated community for the privileged. I firmly believe that
at this time you’ll rarely hear or see anyone like me on BBC TV or network radio. This has to change.” – That’s the aim! One might sing with Pink Floyd “We don’t need no education”. The BBC ought to adopt this line as its rallying cry. In socialist states of Eastern Europe they used to have the same principle: uneducated people with working-class background were promoted to the highest positions. Do you know by any chance what happened to all those countries of the Eastern Bloc?

⑧ (page 33) “We will test any technology used so that we reduce bias (e.g. in our applicant
tracking system), and examine the introduction of AI technology in areas
of diversity deficit.” – It turns out that humans, even those employed and psychologically trained by the BBC, are hopelessly biased, so IT technologies need to be applied for unbiased recruitment. The problem is that those technologies are devised by hopelessly biased people…

⑨ (page 35) “Our consultation showed that some groups of staff feel stuck in their roles, can’t see a career path and feel their opportunities for progression are narrowing. (…) Our goal is to make the BBC a place where everyone can do their best work by creating opportunities for all to fulfil their potential and take responsibility for their career.” – How on earth can anyone make everybody satisfied? The BBC are promising a fairy-tale world, are they not? Finally,

⑩ (page 38) “Delivering this three-year plan will meet our ambition to create a transformed, modern organisation (…) These ambitions will be delivered through a radical reshaping of the organisation, with leaders committed to creating real opportunity for change, as well as each of us working to embed inclusive behaviours into our everyday practices.” – How do you like this nesspeak?

The BBC’s new face? (Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2021-2023)

The BBC seeks to reflect British society, as they say. British society is being changed on a daily basis with non-Europeans flooding in, which means that the BBC will need to change the 50:20:12 plan into 50:30:12. With the prolific emergence of new sexes – genders according to to modern parlance – the plan will need to be transformed into something like 10:10:10:10:…

Is that the future of Europe? Is that what other corporations will try to emulate? Try reading the brochure. If the text does not drive you mad with boredom and annoyance within the first page or two, then the BBC is the place for you. Consider applying.

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