There is no juridical solution for Greece, no matter what they vote

Politicians and geopolitical strategist have to realize that independent Central Banks do not exist, central banks are an integrated part of geopolitics. 

“There is no plan for Greece”, explained Gefira Foundation associate in the European parliament. The mood is split between the Liberals and Socialist. The Liberal faction believes that there is only a solution possible if Greece votes yes, however the Socialist do not believe in a solution whatsoever. They see a yes-outcome as terrible as a no-outcome and fear for the future of the Euro Area.

According to the latest IMF report, Greece needs a much bigger financial support than is assumed by European creditors. Greece is not only in arrears in relation to the IMF, but “the (Greek) government has been accumulating arrears, including unprocessed pension and tax refund claims. The estimated stock stands at over 7 billion and will need to be cleared”. The IMF concluded that Greece will need an other 50 billion Euro Bailout to be able to repay its massive debt, the debt they accumulated during the European economic wonder years. We have noticed that Greece currently is running a public budget surplus.

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