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Disunited Europe uses Schengen as a tool to exert pressure

The European Union has never been a unity but recent conflicts even sharpened the divisions. We have not only the broad EU-28 but the euro-zone within it and the Schengen-area as a next dimension. Moreover, the continent falls into the rich and stable North and poor and indebted South on the one hand, as well as the multiethnic and open West and the monoethnic and closed East on the other. Since no state wants to be excluded from the elite, European politicians started to blackmail each other using the threat of exclusion rather than cooperate. If the EU fails and loses to eurosceptic governments that may come to power due to the unwise decisions taken by the Community, then the current leaders will be to blame.eurozone

It started a few years ago with the Greek debt crisis and the possible expulsion of the country from the euro area. It was a forcible way of making Greece carry out reforms in the manner intended by the Troika, even if the Greeks had their own views. And blackmailing still continues, as only if the next deadline of a bail-out comes. Continue reading