Turkey heading for more turmoil

Current Turkish election results spells troubles ahead for Turkey’s stability. We expect that in  Tukisch political climate of polarization current elections result will lead to political and economical instability. As Turkey host many extremist, the country is the supply route for Jihadist in Syria and Iraq, Turkey face a serious risk violence will be spilled over into Turkey. Many European annalist and politicians do underestimate the polarization of Turkish society and its economical instability.


Lira versus the dollar since 2012

Under Erdoğan Turkey was moving to a more restrictive regime that curbs some liberties. Under the AKP there has been a ban on Twitter and YouTube. Journalist came under heavy pressure.

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Russia World Cup Will Be Taken Away

US intervention in FIFA election spells the end of the Moscow World Cub. Without any doubt FIFA is as corrupt as can be, but US law enforcement actions are primarily meant to take away Russian world cup 2018.

It is well known the US has different means at its disposal to fight a Hybrid war.

  1. Promoting regime change by a plethora of NGO’s.
  2. International sanctions
  3. Intimidating Military presence in areas that are not a threat to the US internal security
  4. Juridical sanctions
  5. Economical warfare.

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