The Gefira Foundation was set up by Bart Kruitwagen and Franck Biancheri in 1987 to support the “European” project by overcoming the paralysis of the European integration process. The foundation was the organisational vehicle which together with French industrialist Bernard Rossmann (OPCE) was behind the creation of AEGEE, Prometheus-Europe, Newropeans and IDE.

The European identity, rooted in the different European cultures with the unifying common denominator of Christian ethics, Greek philosophy and Roman law, has been Europe’s strength for centuries: “United in diversity”, was the motto of the European project. The Gefira Team’s objective is to see our continent as a sanctuary of our European culture. Respecting other cultures we want to perceive and maintain the European culture. As it is, the European Union, which we used to advocate, has turned out to be a bureaucratic apparatus with an agenda of its own, where the will of European peoples is barely if ever considered.

The current Brussels establishment has failed in many ways as Brexit, the conflict with the Visegrád Group, the failing migration policy, the all-pervading political-correctness (read: censorship) and many other worrying phenomena show. A bitter resentment against the European Union, a project created by non-elected civil servants and run by self-appointed bureaucrats both acting in isolation from the grass roots opinion and in denial in the face of the many problems, is building up. It looks as if Europe had been abducted by alien if not downright hostile forces. The Gefira Think-Tank (see below) sets itself a task of:

  • unmasking anti-European scheming,
  • envisaging the foreseeable future, and
  • suggesting workable and satisfactory solutions.


Gefira Team Members:
B. Kruitwagen LL.M.
Founding Member of Gefira Foundation
Business owner
Graduated in Law
Member of the Board of Newropeans

Jan . Jansen MSc
Member of the Gefira Board
Member of the Board of Newropeans

J. Szela M.A.
Member of the Gefira Board
Graduate in History and English Philology

P. Zgondek M.A.
Graduate in German Philology

Rubén Pulido.
Member of the Armed Forces of Spain for more than 10 years.
Well-known migrations analyst in Spain, he is currently a journalist in numerous media in Spain.


I. Shaw
Retired commercial lawyer with extensive experience in:
real estate development,
international joint venture and project financing,
commodities trading, and the oil services sector.


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