Gefira #22 By the end of the century there will be 22 million Germans left


  • The German population is shrinking faster than the official statisticians admit
  • There will be no relation between future Germans and the German past
  • The Destatis demographic model is a mere fantasy
  • The economic consequence of Germany’s demographic winter
  • Japan is a model for Germany’s problems
  • How will the economic collapse looks like
  • Germany’s debt fiasco
  • Recommendations


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Germany is the economic engine of the European Union and one of its main industrial powerhouses. While analysts see France and Italy as weak spots, the real danger is the approaching demographic collapse of Germany. The native German population will decline rapidly and by the end of the century there will only be 22 million Germans left. Our research team discovered that the projections of Destatis, the official German bureau of statistics, are far-fetched, and the demographic reality of Germany is worse than the most calamitous forecasts of the German statisticians.

The German economy is already experiencing a labour shortage, and the big outflow of the labour force will not begin until after 2020. It is inevitable that the German economy will shrink between 2020 and 2030. The shrinking German population is liable for a massive hidden debt problem, which will be explained later. The Gefira team expects that there will again be a systemic crisis around 2020 and the reasons for the next financial and economic meltdown will be explained in this Gefira.

There will be no relation between future Germans and the German past

By 2050 many of the German historical figures, like Albert Schweitzer mentioned above, will be unmasked as racists and consequently removed from street names and history books and replaced with new heroes, a process that is already taking place in the US and the Netherlands. In the former, monuments to southern generals are under attack, whereas in the latter, migrant parties are pressing for Dutch historical figures to be eradicated from public spaces, streets to be renamed and their most important traditions, which are allegedly not inclusive, oppressive or insulting to national, racial or religious minorities to be prohibited. A country’s history should be about the past deeds of its people, but when people are replaced there is no connection with the past and it may happen that before this century is out, the majority of German citizens will have their cultural roots and their ancestors outside Germany or even outside Europe.


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