Gefira 56: A Worldwide Phenomenon


The Eternal Question
• Antisemitism on the rise?
• Long-Running Feud
• Perceptivity and (skewed?) polling
• Reclamation of property – a Jewish Flagship

The end of fiat currencies
• Banks have been doing God’s work for 50 years

• Real estate as a safe haven?



There are topics we (are made to) talk about all the time – like ecology, green economy, decarbonization, climate and social justice or various manifestations of human rights; topics that we do not generally talk about – like the landing of Martians, unidentified flying objects or the existence of lizards in human bodies – and topics that we only – if we wish to express our frank opinion – whisper about. Only about the blood (but not spiritual) descendants of Abraham do we speak in muted tones when we want to put across our criticism, doubts or an unfavourable evaluation. Why? Gefira 56 has taken the bull by the horns and has addressed the eternal question of Jews and Jewishness, the question of why the world is divided into us and them, the question of the overlap between reality and the perceptivity of the Jewish phenomenon, the question of antisemitism and its inextricable reflection: antigentilism.

The machinations of bank managers are also a topic that we are generally confused about. By making things and providing services, people enable a growing and more affordable consumption which translates into general wellbeing; the few elect who create money and credit work wonders or – in other words – act like gods. Like gods they create value out of nothing, like gods they cause economies to come into being, grow and flourish or they stop them in their tracks, make them reverse gear and cause them to collapse. Whether the managers of the world finances control everything and will control everything in the long run remains to be seen. Since the understanding of the magic of money is to most of us inaccessible, and since the insight into the real state of affairs (the entirety of the data on the assets and liabilities of world banks and world economies) is inaccessible to those from us who are knowledgeable about money, we can only grope as if in a thick haze, hoping that another crisis will not hit us hard.


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