Gefira 73: Between the artificial and the real, between the wicked and the sacred


  • Virtual world threatens the physical world?
  • Transition from the virtual world to the physical world
  • The American Fortress and the Russian Church
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It is always advisable to recognise reality for what it is. In order to better assess what is going on, one must follow the development of current trends and ask resultant – compelling if you will – questions: is globalism faltering? Have the powers that be managed or failed to bring into line more important governments without which – as Klaus Schwab openly said it – the global project is as good as dead? Can we write globalism off? What world is being born?

As for now the powers that be have not backed off from waging a war for dominance, a war that might spiral out of control and trigger a global conflict. The managers of the world stubbornly hold on to their ideas, even though the two superpowers, Russia and China, failed to appreciate the benefits of the world as a global village with a division of labour imposed from on high (you know: the West as a think-tank, Russia as a provider of resources and China as the world producer). If you look at the events leading up to the current conflict and the formation of a Sino-Russian coalition, you have to admit that Moscow and Beijing had long been poised to lash out. They were politically humiliated for a long time and practically driven into each other’s arms. Having finally seen through the many unsettling instances of the Western leaders being – to say it politely – economical with the truth (recall Macron’s and Merkel’s admissions about their dishonesty during the Minsk talks), Russians finally stood up for their interests that had been jeopardized for so many years. Overnight, the deep-seated rift and prejudice between West and East came to the fore and the two parties to the conflict have again engaged in a game of hot war: hybrid or by proxy for the time being.

While devastation is wreaked upon Ukraine (once a jewel in the crown of the Soviet Union, with a highly developed industry and over 50 million inhabitants compared to today’s 35? 30? 25?), while the stockpile of Ukrainian weapons is both systematically depleted and replenished, while the West carries out reprisals (wave after wave after another wave of sanctions), while the raving mad EU leaders dream about putting President Putin’s head on a chopping block (and executing him the way they have executed Milošević, Hussein and Qaddafi), a new world is emerging, a really diversified world dominated not by one but by a few centres of global power. This is a red rag to the Western globalist bull.

What are the necessary or at least sufficient factors that spell disaster for the collective West and its minions? Why are Washington, London, Paris and Berlin getting cold feet? Is the cooperation between Russia and China only a slap on the wrist or something more serious? How about Brazil, Argentina and Iran playing with the idea of joining the BRICS? Is this a wake-up call for the West? Or maybe the fact that the Chinese currency is displacing the US dollar? While Americans are trying to keep a straight face, Riyadh – Washington’s long-standing ally – is not willing to comply with the demands of the mentally incapacitated American president. Have the American establishment seen it coming that Saudi Arabia will resume political relations with Iran due to China’s and Russia’s diplomatic maneuvering?

The ideologically driven policymaking (climate change, promotion of sexual deviance, ethnic replacement, “gender reassignment”, moralizing globalism, policing the world under the pretext of human rights) pursued in the West by extremely ill-advised die-hards has eventually ruffled a few feathers here and there and consequently solidified a partnership and created a commonality of interests between Moscow and Beijing, between Riyadh and Tehran, between… who’s next in line? The few changes that are taking place now might have a knock-on effect.


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