Gefira 82: A dying bird spreads out its wings


  • Italy – a starting point for reflections on sociological and demographic developments in the world
    Thorn in the side of Brussels: defiant regions, or change comes from below
    Migrants and young, carefree sun worshippers
    The demography
    Follow-up: unconditional basic income
  • Recommendations
    US banks’ problems return
    The US accounts for more than two thirds of the global equity market
    Enormous increase in productivity at US companies
    Where will most consumers come from?
    Macau – a pearl in Asia, USA on the brink of recession


The moneyed elites are after the betterment of the world. How otherwise? That’s at least what they claim and want to make us believe. As it is, the moment you peel back the surface of the reality surrounding us, you can see that the world – the Western world – is going down the slippery slope – and fast – though the powers that be do not seem to be losing any sleep over this fact. They are not coming up with a solution how to stave off the debacle, they are not looking for an off-ramp from the situation that they have brought the world into. The moneyed elites keep kissing up to people of colour (as they say), people of the rainbow and other groups whose mention is dangerous. The conflicts that are playing out are spiraling out of control, but the moneyed elites couldn’t care less. The presidents, prime ministers and ministers produce strange mumbles to the tune of bringing about a better world and resisting the “far right”. Gefira 82 lays bare the dystopia that we are living it and is calling the elites’ bluff, analyzing the current plight of Italy, one of the major Western economies.

Judging by Italy (and extending the picture the the rest of Europe along with the United States) one cannot rid oneself of the impression that the Western world is a dead man walking, that the West has reached a tipping point (an optimist’s view) or a point of no return (a pessimist’s view); that it has become a shell of its former self and has lost its philosophical bearings. Navigating in troubled waters, the moneyed elites keep floating the ideas of transhumanism, climate change, or trans- or supranationalism. All these ideas fly it face of common sense and the wishes of the man in the street. The individuals of all political stripes who run the show and posture all the time, while flexing their muscles, are neither physically fit, nor mentally capable let alone morally willing to see reality for what it factually is in order to reverse course before it is too late. They have embroiled themselves in conflicts that never needed to happen. Though their mouths are full of peace and love for all humanity, they spew out visceral hatred towards selected “dictators” and “autocrats”.

With no-sugar coating, Gefira 82 showcases the Italian (read: Western) sanctimonious interest groups that love oh so much to pontificate about virtues and vices while bombing foreign nations into democracy or gagging their own citizens’ mouths. This Western tower of Babel is incapable of discerning the incremental losses that it is suffering; rather, the particular interest groups are deliriously putting their necks on the chopping block of history without realizing it. And – what an irony! – no parallels with the fate of ancient Rome are evocative enough for those who claim to be woke to wake up! They are hopelessly impervious to reason.

Rather than deescalating the conflicts that they have been (to put it mildly) ancillary to, they prefer to continue this ride on a wobbly track, being headed into the ravine, without pausing for a while and realizing that maybe Armageddon is just over the horizon. The historic screw-up that they pulled off in Ukraine, the social decay in their own countries that they are accessory to, the forever wars that they are engaged in, the weakening of a few powerhouse economies due to the green deal craze – all these and many more are the signs of the beginning of the end. In order to survive, the interest groups seek to sedate the millions by exuberant consumerism and especially moral license, which up the a point will help them to stay in this otherwise barely tenable position of power. That’s their only ticket to survival.

How do we see this ending with all those elites preening themselves on their moral superiority (while they have none), with all those jokes of presidents (Biden, Macron), prime ministers (Rishi Sunak, Scholz, Meloni) and ministers (Baerbock), with all their dismal failures, with their moral turpitude and the free-fall of Western nations, with the diplomacy sinking to an all-time low level? Sure enough, there is no stopping them. The interest groups, the moneyed elites, the powers that be, the managers of the world – or whatever other name they may go by – will continue to act as mouthpieces of the same obnoxious ideologies, they will continue on their path of replacing class warfare with race warfare and the warfare between hetero- and homosexuals. All those presidents, prime ministers and ministers will for sure do things straight out of their play books or scripts, and continue to bless us with their blockbuster ideas of the green deal (no meat consumption, no use of automobiles, no travel by plane), the myriad of sexes and ethnic replacement. They will continue with threat mongering, they will push bogey-man stories and throw around billions of dollars to finance regime-change operations around the globe, they will slaughter the pre-born (that’s what the word pre-g-nant – prae-natus means) and born innocents and control the narrative in the mass media by means of anti-hate-speech laws. Sadly, this huge stink must run its course to its bitter end. There is no silver-bullet solution. The age and health of President Biden is the reflection of the age and health of the West and a harbinger of the latter’s nearest future. If you don’t believe it, then recall the senile Leonid Brezhnev and count the years separating his demise from the collapse of the Soviet Union. 


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