Gefira #37: Stealth War: Conventional and unconventional war(fare)


  • Stealth war: what it is, who wages it
  • The dynamism of the economic destruction of a target country
  • Dynamism of the geopolitical destruction of a target country
  • Formation of civil resistance
  • “States don’t have friends just interests”
  • The Europeans are destroying their energy security
  • Oil and gas companies are a great investment with a risk
  • Iranian stock exchange


Manifesting itself through clubs or stones, bows or chariots, musketeers or cannon, tanks or aircraft, chemical or nuclear weapons, war has always been with us and will always remain. The history of mankind is a sine wave where peaks and troughs are periods of peace and war: the usual human activity determined by conflicting interests. All the elements of warfare have always been present though some of its facets are more pronounced now than ever before. Since in the modern age hot war means enormous material wipeout and a huge loss of human life coupled with assured mutual destruction, modern war is waged more with economic, IT and especially propaganda means. An aggressor does not necessarily need brute force to subdue the will of his opponent:a modern aggressor may resort to a whole gamut of weaponry such as psychological operations, stock exchange speculations, colour revolutions, coups d’état, human-rights movements, geopolitical vacuums, international treaties, (seemingly) non-governmental organizations, supranational corporations, international awards and all other conceivable instruments that are at the aggressor’s disposal to bring a political, moral or economic pressure to bear on the aggressor’s target state. This modern warfare goes by different names of which hybrid warfare, stealth war or intangible war are the most frequently used. The October issue of Gefira presents the theory and practice of this kind of international conflict.


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