Gefira #31 The dissolution of European societies


  • The dissolution of European societies
  • The eradication of white Europeans
  • Europe’s imminent downfall
  • Conclusion
  • One murder too many and one lie too many
  • State of the union
  • The first spark
  • The relevance of old values
  • Enter the external players
  • Now nationalism is good, now it is bad
  • Beliefs – a double-edged sword
  • Old ethnic scores
  • The point of no return
  • Recommendations
  • Gold, black gold and the latest events
  • New trust in gold?


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France’s President Emmanuel Macron is following in the footsteps of his predecessor in that he is scoring lower and lower on the popularity polls. A man from nowhere, whose only task was to stop Marine Le Pen from winning, is continuing the policy pursued by his puppet masters, and he cannot but comply. The measures that he took or which he had been advised to take encountered popular resistance. It remains a matter of time before we learn whether the Yellow Vests movement is a spontaneous one, or a manifestation of the power struggle that is splitting the French elites, or external interference – Russian or American.

The Old Continent’s problems have merely been allayed for a time, and as such they are like a ticking bomb only waiting for favourable circumstances to go off. The Quantitative Easing programme that was implemented a few years ago clearly shows that Europe is depriving itself of one of the most important economic instruments which is money because money printed at will cannot properly be called money. If we add to this the demographic collapse and the attendant emergence of warring factions among the member states who roughly fall into two groups of those which want and those which refuse to accept Third World immigrants, we get Europe’s most representative selfie and this portrait looks bleak.

The eradication of the white Europeans

Our team has done a lot of independent research on the approaching demographic collapse of the European population. The Old Continent is on the doorsteps of one of its biggest social experiments that are potent to change its face profoundly and irreversibly. According to the UN data the proportion of the number of the Europeans between 15-65 to those aged more than 65 is like 4-5 to 1; in 2050 it will be like 2.5-1.5 to 1. It is claimed, therefore, that to keep the dependency ratio – the number of working-age people divided by the number of the elderly – at 3 working-age people to one elderly, the continent needs 235 million immigrants, which makes up approximately 20% of the current African population.

For France, the UK and the US, the situation seems a little better because these countries have accepted much more immigrants for a couple of the last decades. Unemployment and labour participation among non-European immigrants, especially from Africa, is very low. Central bankers, CEO’s of multinationals and the Davos’ establishment are fully aware of this cataclysmic change, but nobody dares to whisper a word about it. Their henchmen – the mainstream media, academics, NGOs and militant protest groups – are trying to gag everybody’s mouth. Gefira will not let itself be silenced.


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