Gefira #25 From TTIP to trade wars overnight


  • From TTIP to trade wars overnight
  • Trump’s pivot shifts to Asia
  • The Devil’s Alliance
  • Cognitive dissonance is growing
  • Saudi Vision 2030: The Saudis have given up on their own nation
  • NEOM or a new fantasy country
  • Recommendations
  • North Korea presents a tremendous investment opportunity
  • The lightest metal will shine brighter than gold
  • The prospects for hydrogen are even better


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We are pleased to present you with the June Gefira bulletin. The Western world, which has never fully recovered from the 2008 financial crisis, is divided on at least two levels. The Atlantic is one line of division. Although President Donald Trump has been quite successful since the commencement of his presidency, which can be proved by his tax reforms or the recent talks with North Korea’s leader, he continues to be severely criticized by his Western European partners. The other line of division goes across Europe itself, where the V4 member states strongly oppose the immigration policies of their Western elder brothers and where even among the older European Union members there arises an opposition to such policies in Austria and Italy, with Sweden probably soon to follow. Still, the European Union remains in the clutches of the devil’s alliance made up by the leftist and (neo)liberal politicians or the diabolical triad formed by the Brussels establishment, the Frankfurt bankers and the pro-migration lobbyists. These powers are busy transforming the Old Continent into a place uniting various races, nations, religions and traditions, thus creating a new man, homo europeicus. Among those circles, Ramadan is treated on a par with Christmas or Easter, and the representatives of the elites dance attendance on the Muslim minorities, so much so that the stream of the human cargo from the Third World, a large part of which are followers of the Prophet, continues to flood Europe.

From TTIP to trade wars overnight

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the West has been in full disarray, and the withdrawal of the Western hegemony from the world stage seems inevitable. At that time many commentators expected the retreat of the European and American leadership, the emergence of China and Russia and a subsequent collapse of the dollar. Well, it has not played out that way yet. During the 2015 state of the union address Barack Obama declared the crisis to be over. “Tonight, we turn the page”, he said. “The shadow of crisis has passed, and the State of the Union is strong”.

It looks like the world’s leading powers rebooted themselves after they unanimously refused to attend the G8 conference organised by Russia in Sochi 2014.2 To foster the trans-Atlantic relations and to re-establish Western hegemony, the US and European establishment began to work on the most ambitious treaty that would unite the European and American economies. In 2015, the European Parliament’s Committee for International Trade gave the European Commission the go-ahead for the EU-US trade agreement


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