Sweden will remain Sweden but just in name


The Swedish society is changing at a rapid pace. The no-go areas in Malmö and Stockholm's neighboorhood Rinkeby have become notorious and synonymous with Swedish migration problems. The situation is a symptom of a large-scale ethnic transmutation of the Swedish nation as a whole. The racial change now visible in different poor neighbourhoods is a result of a long process that is not limited to big cities. Around the 1980-ties the authorities began to use immigration to counter too low birth rates. Careful analysis of the official statistical data proves that the native Swedish women have much fewer children than the progressive Swedish government proclaims and deliberately misinforms the public. The “Great Replacement” is in its 25% implementation as the numbers form the Official Swedish Statistics prove.



Swedish society will change dramatically in the coming years. Within the foreseeable future the native Swedes will be a minority.

We went through the official data from the CBS and our key findings are as follows:

  • 22% of the Swedish newborns have a non-Western background;

  • the number of children with an Islamic name has grown by 35% since…;

  • Swedish-born women have far fewer children than presumed;

  • women from poor countries compensate for the Swedish low birth rate;

  • Swedish parental system is an expensive failure;

  • by 2060 the Swedish people will be a minority.


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