Gefira #32 Demographic collapse will limit China’s growth


  • The Middle Kingdom
  • China encircled with short- and medium-range missiles
  • China’s western flank still relatively safe
  • Back to the South China Sea
  • Sandwich countries: a threat to possible alliances
  • Taiwan, Israel and Montenegro: what do they have in common?
  • A look at the trade war and risks for investors
  • Asian conflict of interests
  • Korea’s Unification
  • South Koreans disinterested in reunification?
  • Reunification to solve demographic problems?
  • Cost
  • Interests of the great powers
  • Recommendations


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The Western establishment, which persists to be manifestly indifferent to the plight of the shrinking white population and envisions a peaceful coexistence of all nations, races and creeds, is now in the process of removing the last pockets of intellectual resistance to the transformation of European nations into a multicultural, diversity paradise. They are oblivious to the demographic reality in Europe and are only concerned about the growth of the global population for the sake of economic growth. If there are differences between nations, these are merely of a political nature. According to the modern narrative, the world is divided into democratic and undemocratic countries. The former are characterized by good governance and tolerance, the latter need to follow suit, guided – wouldn’t you know it – by the Western liberal leadership.

Members of the present-day Western academia have predominantly embraced Platonic rather than Aristotelian philosophy. As is known, the Plato-Aristotle split is one between idealism and realism. The former philosopher sought to chisel society to perfection through doing away with everything that he believed was at the root of conflicts which included private property and allegiance to the family or nation; the latter advocated full recognition of reality – such as man’s selfishness and desires – rather than fighting it. Today, unfortunately, it is the Platonic world view that has taken hold of the modern mind and this mind has long been seeking to impose ideals on reality. The disciples of Plato are necessarily desensitized to the palpable evidence of their own senses and to scientific data to such an extent that in many instances they refrain from investigating certain topics.

Population matters

The global population can roughly be divided into its most productive part (Europe, the United States and Canada, North-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand) and the rest which is underdeveloped and largely dependent on the former for technology and credit. The shrinkage of this relatively small fraction of the global population which sustains the much larger and still growing part spells disaster for both. Why is it so that pundits like Paul Krugman, Nouriel Roubin, Max Keiser and Peter Shiff do not touch the subject? The answer is simple. Once Europeans or people of European descent have become aware of an ongoing and profound change being made to the racial composition of their nations, they are not going to acquiesce in it. Although the politically correct academia, politicians and the mainstream media are busy inculcating it into the heads of their students, voters, readers and viewers that population replacement (or, to be
more precise, the displacement of the Whites) is no problem, there is no doubt that Europeans informed about their children’s future as a minority in the countries of their ancestors would not accept such a plight, which is precisely why they are not informed about the demographic reality at all.

According to neoclassical economists, there are two key reasons for China’s extraordinarily high growth over the past two decades: the existence of a wide pool of surplus labour and the development of market institutions since 1978. The former led to a massive – approximately – 250-million exodus from villages to towns and cities in the 1990s. This gave China a comparative advantage for labour-intensive exports, particularly those produced by unskilled workers, but rural areas will not provide Chinese agglomerations with an endless stream of young prospective employees because the Middle Kingdom, like Japan and the Western World, is also facing a demographic decline, which will necessitate stimulating economy by debt. China will follow the American
way. Last month Beijing raised the 2019 budget deficit infrastructure spending to stem the slowdown.


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