Gefira 51: Financial and Ideological Foundations of the World


  • Money glut in America, precious metals and uranium on the rise
    Joe Biden – Captain Schettino or Robin Hood
    The eternal struggle against precious metals
    The long struggle of central banks against precious metals
  • The Profound Change in Collective Mentality
    The World Wide Spiderweb of Mind-Controlling Words
    The Three-Headed Dragon of Ideology
    Earth, Climate, Environment
    Sex, gender…
    Race, racism
    An Attempt at an Explanation
  • Recommendations – What makes the gold and silver markets tick?
    Uranium and platinum


Precious metals have given rise to money as we know it. It all began with pieces of silver, copper and gold, later normalised in the form of coins of various sizes, with effigies of mighty men and various legend on the obverse and the reverse. Right from the start the economic pressure made rulers – monarchs or democratic leaders alike – tamper with the gold or silver content of the coins in circulation, which gradually prompted financiers to divorce money from precious metals. Eventually money could be multiplied in infinite amounts. Present-day technology makes it even easier: you can create new money by clicking the computer muse! Precious metals have apparently lost in meaning, or have they?

Financial matters are but one of the pillars supporting our civilisation; ideology is the other. Its impact cannot be overestimated. It shapes the collective mind with which it controls human behaviour. Recently three spheres of life have become targets of this unrivalled ideological attack: the planet earth, sex or gender and race. We may not be fully aware of the changes that the world has undergone and is undergoing, but we have simple means with which to investigate this enormous societal, moral and political transformation. Everyone can afford it on an individual basis and draw a comparison. The current issue of Gefira reveals how, and gathers the vocabulary which shows the profound and startling though not yet complete transformation of the collective psyche that has taken place.


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