Gefira 53: The World Nearing a Historic Breakthrough


Cancel Culture
State of affairs
The impact of the intellectuals
Purposeful erosion of social tissue
Language as a target and weapon
Transvaluation of values

The Russkiy Mir
Ukraine’s neighbours and their interests
What does the future hold?

The Great Digital Upheaval
Will blockchain and DLT dominate the world?
Digital currencies




Gefira 53 – The World Nearing a Historic Breakthrough – deals with the three breakthrough changes that the world is facing or rather is already undergoing: the gigantic transformation of the cultural paradigm (posthumanism, an ever increasing variety of genders, the environment and climate as man’s new deity), the epic contention between the United States (the declining superpower), China (the rising superpower), Russia (the defeated superpower at the stage of rebirth) and the restructuring of the overall system of financial settlements.

The unfolding events bear a striking resemblance to what mankind has already experienced in recorded history. The religious-like concern about or worship of the planet earth is a throwback to the heathen past, while the fight against – excuse the word – farting cows calls to mind Mao Zedong’s campaign against sparrows. The heightened tensions between the United States, Russia and China can be compared to a whole gamut of historical rivalries beginning with the wars waged between the Greek city-states and Persia and ending up with the Second World War. Money has not been used in the same form for millennia: before coins humanity had known barter, after coins humanity began using paper money, fiat money and ultimately electronic impulses. Now the global financiers are about to do without cash. With the enforcement of total control over everybody’s virtual wallet, barter is likely to be resurrected as a kind of defence against the omnipotent and omniscient government. Also the cultural change which is being effected is not particularly anything new but for two exceptions: it seems that for the first time in all of history an attack is being carried out against the two biological sexes while white nations – and that is the other quirk – are deliberately and willingly working towards being replaced by nonwhite peoples.

With these problems in mind, the authors of Gefira 53 take a particular look at the phenomenon that is commonly referred to as cancel culture, at the creation of central bank digital currencies and at Ukraine, which may play a role similar to the one played by Serbia or Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1914, where the First World War began, or to the one played by Czechoslovakia or Poland in 1938-1939, where the Second World War started.


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