Gefira 65: The Self-Destruction of the Occident


  • Crusade Against the West
    Demolition of the foundations
    Worship of the man of colour
    Pathological altruism of white women
    Christian universalism gone wrong
  • Warning signs in America and Europe
    Some facts point to the coming storm
  • Recommendations
    Invest in Norwegian run-of-the-river hydroelectricity


Monuments are pulled down, names of heroes – tarnished, past exploits – mocked, tradition – ridiculed, anything held sacred up to very recently – denounced in the strongest terms. Are these things done by the conqueror in regard to the defeated? In such a case all of the above would be understandable but no. All these things are done by the powerful West to itself. The Occident is suiciding itself in a very ugly manner. It still produces technological wonders and its popular culture – first of all movies and music – is still in high demand everywhere in the world, but its societies are growing weaker and weaker, softer and softer, more and more childless with every decade. They are indifferent to having themselves replaced by the Third World people and they do not care about their past and traditions. What is happening?

The Occident may be fixed on dismantling itself just like that, without any particular reason, or it might be that it has fallen victim to a hostile takeover. The powers that be acting from within have devised just three psychological processes with which they perfectly control the Western man. These are guilt, shame and the feeling of nobleness or occupying moral high ground.

The Western man has been made to feel guilty of his past: slavery, colonialism, xenophobia and racism that were practised by some of his ancestors.

The Western man has been made ashamed of being white, of being Caucasian, of leading the world, of bearing the burden of raising the other peoples of the earth from their backwardness.

The Western man has been made to believe that he needs to atone for all the wrong things that his ancestors did, and that this is the way to his salvation; he’s been made to believe that prostration and capitulation, that self-denial and pathological altruism will absolve him of the inherent grave sin of racism, xenophobia, and intolerance while it will also help to strip himself of the privilege of being white.

With these three reins, three steering wheels, three psychological tools the whole West has been rendered defenceless, obedient and even docile. Ah yes, there are two more weapons for those few who stubbornly refuse to accept such a vision of the world and these are deplatforming (a modern term for ostracism or censorship) and intimidation. Gefira 65 entitled “The Self-Destruction of the Occident” explores the mechanism behind this self-imposed or induced annihilation.


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