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Parrot of the Nations

At the turn of the 18th and 19th century it was fashionable among the intellectuals (lay or spiritual) to belong to a masonic lodge; in the 19th and 20th centuries they all saw it fit to advocate, support, and take part in the socialist movement (from Marx to Lenin to Trotsky to Mussolini to Stalin to Hitler to Piłsudski they all were socialists of one brand or another); today’s fashion that reigns supreme among the elites is globalism (another word for the well-known communist and socialist internationalism).

Central and East European countries from cradle have been parroting the fashion that is currently taking hold of the western minds. The aping was always belated and imperfect (which spared the latter huge social upheavals), but it has been the modus vivendi of the central and eastern European elites who have always, and I mean always, felt inferiority complex facing their western counterparts. Nothing has changed in this respect nowadays. The Eastern European elites desperately want to “belong”, they want to be “recognized”, “respectful” in the eyes of their Western role models, so they will go to all and any lengths to prove they are worthy of their cleverer western colleagues’ attention and praise.

What is today’s fashion? Migrants. If you want to prove that you “belong”, you need to desire the presence of migrants in your own country, cost it what it may, against the will of your own people. After all, who are they, those common people? Sheeple. Yes, sheeple, because elites of whatever brand, white or red, right or left, religious or irreligious have always had a patronizing and condescending attitude towards their compatriots, bigots, as they call them at best, rednecks at worst. And sheeple need to be told what is right and what is wrong. It is high moral ground to want to turn your country into a mix of races, creeds and languages; it is morally reprehensible not to want it. Understood?


Polish prime minister Beata Szydło in the dock in the EU Parliament


So in Poland the current government (pro-EU and pro-NATO, doing every bid of its western overlords) won the elections on the political platform of protecting Poland against the influx of the people from the Third World that misleadingly go by the name of refugees, which they are not, for refugees, by definition, seek temporary shelter and are not subjected to integrating programmes. One may wonder how long the current Polish government will be able to stand ground, given that its representatives have signed all the EU treaties that for all practical purposes turn the country into Brussels’ vassal. It may be they only promised to keep Poland free of the so called refugees to gain the popular support, without ever intending to deliver on their promise. Be it as it may, the European Union perceived this declaration of not complying with admitting the “refugee” quotas as a challenge and is impatient to ridicule and eventually topple the current Polish government. Just on the following day after the victorious elections the new Polish prime minister was grilled by the furious Erinyes in Brussels. At that time not because of the “refugees” but because the new government did not want to approve one of the judges of the Constitutional Tribunal who was appointed by the previous government to make things more difficult for the new one. She stood there in the dock, fending off the rabid attacks, a John Hus in Constance, with the stake burning nearby. She is likely to be grilled that way one more time, should she refuse to comply to the new creed of all progressive Europeans.

You say you don’t want to accept migrants, asks the EU. Who do you think you are to oppose our will? We will have it our way, come what may, and we will make you toe the line.

Prime Minister Beata Szydło in Polish Parliament undoing the decision of the previous government to accept the first “refugee” quota.

Brussels’ attack is two-pronged: through lay and church channels. As recently as a few days ago mayors of twelve (later it turned out one plucked up the courage to resist the pressure and backed out) major Polish cities convened and signed a joint declaration on the immigrant question. They call on the Polish government to work out ways of accepting the Third World people because, you guessed it right, they will enrich us.1)Deklaracja 12 prezydentów dużych polskich miast: Migrację trzeba wspierać, Polityka 2017-06-30.They also adduce Polish history, saying that the Polish Commonwealth was a motley of different cultures and creeds and languages and it was oh so very nice. They somehow failed to learn their history lessons to the very end: the allegedly idyllic (his)story of the coexistence of nations, creeds and languages brought about the fall of Poland and erased it from the political map of Europe for more than a hundred years. But who cares? Enter Sutherland, Timmermans and Company and their word is revealed faith of the 21 century (like socialism before, like masonry still earlier), so you know, you cannot really escape the “ruling of History”. Why bother with historical evidence pointing to the contrary? If you want to preserve your distinct national heritage and existence of your nation, say the western pundits and prophets of an everlasting happiness that will span the whole globe, you are called names, with bigot, nazi and racist topping the list. Most people cower, hearing such accusations and keep silent.

Polish(?) left-leaning mass media are enthusiastic and comment on the initiative of the eleven mayors as a virtuous combat against, again you guessed it right, “exclusion of foreigenrs”.2)Prezydenci polskich miast chcą współpracować przeciw wykluczeniu cudzoziemców, 2017-06-30.

As if that were not enough, the eleven mayors (eleven apostles of the new multi-culti globalist there-are-no-races creed) have found their counterparts in the Polish Catholic Church. Its bishops, to emulate their western European colleagues in virtue signalling, embarked upon the same path of saving humanity by mixing it. They, too, want to turn the Polish monolithic nation into a mixture of many nations. Cardinal Nycz and company are busy designing “humanitarian channels” that will direct people from the Third World into Poland.3)Kard. Nycz: Jesteśmy przygotowani na organizowanie korytarzy humanitarnych. Potrzebna jest otwartość władz państwowych, 2017-02-26.You must understand, Jesus himself told them to act like that. Faced with such an argument, the current pro-Catholic government has really no choice.4)Uchodźcy: Rząd ulegnie namowom papieża ws. korytarzy humanitarnych, 2017-05-26.

Never mind that the populace, i.e. in EU terminology “bigots, racists and nazis” are overwhelmingly against what the government (possibly pretty soon or already covertly) and the church (already) are hellbent on doing. It is enough to read the comments under the news about the possible caving in to the EU demands that Poland accept Third World migrants (in many cases comments are disabled, does it sound familiar?). “Bigots” will have to be re-educated. This has already started. As for now, there are but very few people of colour in Poland, but in the mass-media – adverts, feature films – their presence is increasingly visible. Here a weather forecaster, there one of the protagonists in the movie. Schools will do their job as well. In one of the textbooks to English, children are confronted with a picture of a typical British family: all black. They imbue the message and internalize it. Slowly but surely.

Europe’s fate is Poland’s fate. One of Poland’s most renowned poets wrote: whatever a Frenchman designs, a Pole is sure to like it (A. Mickiewicz, Pan Tadeusz, the national epic poem); the other wrote about his own compatriots collectively as a parrot of nations (and, consequently their boot-licking lackey). (J. Słowacki, Podróż z Neapolu do Ziemi Świętej, Grób Agamemnona). Too true.


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