The Downing of Flight MS804 Can Crash the European Economy

Is the downing of MH804 the first in a series of attacks that will crash the European economy? It is not yet clear what brought the Egyptian Flight MS804 down. No Jihadist group has claimed responsibility until now. The data from the plane sent to a data center just before the crash indicates that there was smoke near the cockpit. One of the possible scenario’s is that some of the Charles De Gaulle airport staff smuggled a bomb on board of the plane. The same plot brought down the Russian plane . Charles De Gaulle already dismissed 70 staff members due to their connections with ISIS.

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Russian action in Syria will intensify war in Egypt

Egypt, being in a very difficult geopolitical position, may be the next victim of the Syrian war. The Egyptian army has beens truggling with Islamic terrorists on the Sinai Peninsula for a long time, with he Libyan branch of Islamic State causing problems in the western part of the country. Unfortunately for President Abd al-Fattah as-Sisi, with Russian raids in Syria, Islamic militants are now moving to Libya through Sinai.

Egypt did not want to get involved in the war in Syria or in Iraq, directly or indirectly, trying not to spoil the relations with Saudi Arabia. Egypt shared with Bashar al-Assad  the common aim, which is to fight the Islamic insurgency. In fact, the nation is waging a war in the north of Sinai against militant groups loyal to the Islamic State. The worst is yet to come, though. Continue reading

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Government decree, signed on November 28, orders the Russian Defense Ministry to hold negotiations with Egyptian officials and to sign the document once both sides reach an agreement. Russia’s government published a draft agreement between Russia and Egypt on Thursday allowing both countries to use each other’s air space and air bases for their military planes. Source Haaretz

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At least ten Egyptian soldiers including a colonel were killed in a suicide bomb attack on an army checkpoint in northern Sinai, security sources said. Timothy Kaldas, a non-resident fellow at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy, said there was a high likelihood that the attack would be claimed by Wilayat Sinai, a group affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group.Source: Al Jazeera

Pan-Arab satellite network Al Jazeera said on Saturday the Twitter account for its main Arabic language channel had been suspended and that it was working to get it back. “The account of al Jazeera on twitter @ajarabic is currently suspended due to what seems to be an organised campaign and we are doing the necessary work to get the service back,” al Jazeera said on another of its Twitter accounts for its breaking news service. Source Reuters

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi urged Gulf leaders to expand the diplomatic spat with Qatar to include Turkey. Sisi suggested the Gulf expand the boycott to include Ankara until Turkey stops supporting Qatar, according to the New Arab news outlet. The Egyptian president said boycotting Turkey would increase the pressure on Qatar, forcing Doha to positively respond to the demands of the Gulf. Source yenisafak

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