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How George Soros is meddling in the Italian elections

A few weeks ago, the United Kingdom woke up to the realization that its democratic process is vulnerable to the attacks by a foreign plutocrat seeking to overturn the result of the popular vote of British citizens via a second referendum on the European Union membership, or in case that was not possible, to overthrow government after government until the Hungarian-American oligarch got his way.

George Soros, replied by penning an article for the Daily Mail, in which he motivated his actions by “his love for Britain”, which somehow did not stop him from attacking the Bank of England in 1992, which cost British taxpayers billions. He simply knows better, and so demands the right to hijack the political process of a democratic country, despite not being a citizen, because he’s fighting against “mafia-states”. It speaks volumes about Soros’s concept of “Open Society” where he’d be free to run the political show of any country, in a borderless world, where any vote contrary to his would be made null and void. Continue reading

Why Stratfor is wrong on its Italian election analysis

Stratfor recently published a piece covering the imminent Italian elections and presenting its conclusions on the topic. The article, however, wrongfully presents a number of issues, which may lead prospective investors astray.

In the first paragraph introducing the populist candidates and parties running for the Italian parliament, the author, an alleged expert according to his own profile on anti-establishment movements states: “The right-wing Northern League, for example, has (…) proposed a referendum on Italy’s membership in the eurozone”. This isn’t true. The Northern League wants to leave the euro without going through the referendum because it thinks Italy would get battered during the political campaign over it. It was just a month ago when the party’s candidate for the position of Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini, called the referendum idea stupid.It is not the Northern League but the other “populist” movement, Movimento 5 Stelle, which opts for a referendum.

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George Soros secretly rushes to Italy as NGOs activity in the Mediterranean now face political and judicial scrutiny

In the past few weeks, the transport of migrants from the African shores has become a case of national importance for Italy, and is now under investigation from the prosecutor of Catania, who recently testified to the Defence Committee of the Italian Senateand will meet soon with the Superior Council of the Magistrates.
Harsh criticism of the activities of the NGOs has come from opposition parties Forza Italia,Lega Nordand even Movimento 5 Stelle,normally more neutral on immigration issues, while Prime Minister Gentiloni has opted to let the judicial system run its course.
Yet, a new element will further exacerbate the situation; George Soros, a billionaire who is incredibly active politically on both sides of the Atlantic,met in secrecy with Prime Minister Gentiloni,less than a week after the latter had commented on the NGOs activities. The meeting was not listed on the website of the Italian government as official and its timing is at the very least suspicious.

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TARGET2; European Banking Crisis is Escalating Again

Problems of Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Monte dei Paschi and other German, Italian and Spanish banks are not the only concern of the European Banking System. Trouble is much deeper than it is thought because there is a systemic imbalance that has been increasing for almost ten years. Politicians do not want to tell us the truth, but soon we will experience the same crisis in the Monetary Union as we did in 2012.

The extent of the problems in the European Banking System is TARGET2 and its balances of the National Central Banks of the Eurosystem. These balances, or rather imbalances, reflect the direction of the capital flight. And there is only one way: from Southern Europe into Germany. After Mario Draghi’s famous words “I do whatever it takes to save the euro”, things seemed to improve; however, since January 2015 problems have been escalating again. Continue reading

Brexit Has Little Relevance

From an economic point of view, Brexit is not a big issue as we have already warned many times. We informed our readers beforehand that fear-mongering by Soros, Zerohedge and their likes would result in an unjustified market sell-off. We do not believe that global economy is doing fine, and we see enormous trouble ahead. With the absence of a sustainable global growth, hedge fund managers try to create turbulence in the market to reap a profit.

In the first seconds of June 24 trading day, just as the Brexit results were announced, the losses (and profits) due to the engineered panic were gigantic. If we only take a closer look at the numbers for the ESX, DAX and FTI futures, more than 200 million euros evaporated within one day. Because this is a zero-sum game, somebody must have made unbelievable profits. Continue reading

Brexit: Germany Gains Power From Merkel’s Disastrous Policy

As we predicted, Cameron resigns after the British have cast “a leave vote” but Germany’s Chancellor Merkel is to blame for the disastrous result of the referendum.

Last year she mishandled three problems:


  1. In 2015, under Angela Merkel’s leadership, the problems in Greece span out of control and Yanis Varoufakis, the finance minister of Greece, was able to jeopardize the whole euro project;

  2. When in 2015 millions of refugees were heading for Europe, it was Angela Merkel that single-handedly, without consulting her political counterparts in Warsaw, London or Rome, decided how Europe had to deal with it ;
  3. Chancellor Merkel held talks with Erdoğan: Turkey was being considered as a member-state of the European Union, which lacked any support in Europe whatsoever .

No wonder the British voters came to doubt the democratic legitimacy of Brussels as they saw Berlin mishandle the European project. Continue reading

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There are sinister warnings emerging from within the UK car industry over a no deal Brexit, with Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn saying that his firm was ‘in the dark’ over Brexit and hinting that the company could quit the UK. ‘We have said very clearly we want to maintain the competitiveness of the UK,’ said Ghosn yesterday. ‘Obviously for us the stakes are very high, but it’s difficult to tell you what kind of decision we’re going to take without knowing exactly what is Brexit.’ Source Motor1

German inflation surpassed the target set by the European Central Bank for the euro zone in June, the second month in a row it has done so, lending support to the ECB’s decision to close its bond purchase scheme at the end of the year. Data published by the Federal Statistics Office on Thursday showed that EU-harmonised German consumer prices rose 2.1 percent year-on-year. The same measure had increased by 2.2 percent in May. The yearly figure matched a Reuters forecast. Source Euronews

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday populism was spreading across Europe like a disease that Europeans should fight more vigorously instead of criticizing the actions of pro-European governments like his. Italy’s anti-establishment leaders, clearly assuming Macron was referring to them, hit back by dismissing the 40-year-old French president as a “chatterbox” and accusing him of hypocrisy in his stance over immigration. Source Reuters 

Eighteen of the Coast Guard ship arrived in Pozzallo with its “cargo” of over 500 migrants rescued within a week. On board there are the 42 survivors rescued by Trenton, of the US Navy, from the shipwreck off Libya, which occurred seven days ago, in which 12 are missing. A rescue that has had a trail of controversy with the NGO of SeaWatch. The other migrants were taken charge of last Friday as part of rescue operations carried out by merchant ships in the Mediterranean Sea, including a corpse. Source La Sillia

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The European Investment Bank on Wednesday said it could not ignore U.S. sanctions on Iran, rejecting the EU executive plan that it to do business there in an effort to save the 2015 nuclear deal. The pushback from the European Union’s own lending arm underscores the limits of the bloc’s ability to shield trade with Iran from the reimposition of U.S. sanctions after President Donald Trump abandoned the nuclear accord last month. Source Reuters

Salvini said he had a high opinion of the Russian president “free of charge” and dismissed the billionaire philanthropist and liberal open-society advocate as a “speculator who 20 years ago caused one of the biggest Italian economic disasters,” when the lira was forced out of the European exchange rate mechanism (ERM) along with the pound.
“I have already sued people who said Russia was paying me,” said deputy premier and Interior Minister Salvini, adding that “I’ve never had a lira from Russia, or a matrioska, or a fur hat.” “There is a relationship of esteem with Putin, I believe he has done a lot for his people and with interventions against Islamist terrorism like the intervention in Syria: and I say that gratis, because I think so. Source Ansa news

Increase in age expectation is nonsense nevertheless retirement age has to rise. Even after it is set at 67, it will still increase.

Because the life expectancy of people aged 65 and above does not rise as quickly as expected, the state pension age does not have to be increased to 67 years until five years later than has now been established according to critics. Source


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