Tesla sales screech to a halt in Hong Kong

Registrations fall from 3,000 to single digits after end of full tax break. Tesla is skidding in Hong Kong, where city authorities earlier this year slashed tax incentives on purchases of new electric vehicles. The cars were once eligible for full exemptions but now come with a tax break up to only 97,500 Hong Kong dollars ($12,488). This means Tesla’s Model 3 sedan now costs over $120,000, nearly 80% more than it did with the total exemption. Source Asian Review

Erdoğan takes aim at Central Bank independence, says Bank is on ‘wrong path’

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has blasted Turkey’s Central Bank, saying it is “on the wrong path” and claiming that a lack of government intervention in monetary policy has saddled Turkey with high inflation and a slowdown in investment. “They are saying that central banks have an independence; they told us not to intervene. It came to this point because we haven’t [intervened],” Erdoğan said