Quran verses to be recited at Hagia Sophia on Friday, Erdogan says

Imams will recite verses of the Quran in Istanbul’s Byzantine-era cathedral Hagia Sophia during Friday’s prayers on the anniversary of the city’s 1453 conquest by Ottoman troops, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said according to reports Thursday.

Built in the 6th century, Hagia Sophia was the main seat of the Greek Orthodox church. It remained so until it was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman conquest of the city, then-known as Constantinople, in 1453. Source Ekathimerini

The Latest U.S. Blow To China’s Huawei Could Knock Out Its Global 5G Plans

On May 19, the Commerce Department issued new export rules to choke off Huawei’s access to semiconductor chips it needs to build cellphones and 5G infrastructure.

The new controls ban chipmakers — mostly based in South Korea and Taiwan — from using U.S. machines and software to manufacture semiconductors for Huawei. That closes a loophole that had allowed semiconductor makers to continue to sell components and designs to Huawei as long as they were made outside the U.S. Source KPCW

Libyan Interior Ministry probes murder of 30 illegal immigrants, one Libyan national

The Libyan Interior Ministry is investigating, through Mizda town’s security department, the murder of a Libyan national and 30 illegal immigrants in the town.

In a statement on Thursday, the Interior Ministry said a Libyan national in Mizda, accused of human trafficking, was killed by illegal immigrants while he was smuggling them to coastal cities. Source The Libya Observer

Paris: night of violence after the death of a youngster on a mini-motorcycle hit by a train

Anti-police rallies formed overnight, rumored to have involved law enforcement in the accident. Several witnesses say they had nothing to do with it. Urban violence broke out in Montigny-lès-Cormeilles, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, after the death of an 18-year-old boy hit by a train. He was crossing a small pedestrian crossing on the tracks. Source Le Parisien

Greece Boosts Forces at Evros as it Braces For New Migrant Crisis

Greece ordered approximately 400 police officers from different parts of the country to deploy along the border with Turkey at the Evros River as it braces for a new wave of migrants attempting to storm into Europe.

Speaking to a local television station in Antalya, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said earlier in the week: “Due to the pandemic, the movement of migrants has slowed down. But they will definitely want to leave after the outbreak is over.” Source Greekreporter