US moves to strengthen forces in Middle East to counter Iran

The U.S. will send hundreds of additional troops and a dozen fighter jets to the Middle East in the coming weeks to counter what the Pentagon said is an escalating campaign by Iran to plan attacks against the U.S. and its interests in the region. And for the first time, Pentagon officials on Friday publicly blamed Iran and its proxies for recent tanker bombings near United Arab Emirates and a rocket attack in Iraq. Source: Associated Press

India, facing sanctions for Russian arms deals, says it wants to pivot spending to the US

  • India, the world’s second-largest arms importer and fifth-largest economy, has inked the majority of its weapons deals with Russia.
  • Indian Ambassador Harsh Shringla says New Delhi wants to pivot its defense spending to the United States.
  • Countries like India, that heavily pursue arms deals with the Kremlin are subject to U.S. sanctions, under President Donald Trump’s “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act,” or CAATSA.

Source CNBC