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Stichting GEFIRA
KvK-nummer: 41057221;
Iban: NL45ABNA0515171794;
ABNAMRO Bank Amsterdam

The Gefira foundation is registered in the Netherlands.

Stichting Gefira
Toernooiveld 116
6525 EC Nijmegen

We are a part of the Pan-European think-tank focused on current geopolitical and financial instabilities.
The main determinants for the future are:

  1. the indefinite duration of the 2008 financial crisis;
  2. the highly unstable financial sector;
  3. the economic imbalance within the Euro Area;
  4. between the main developed economic blocks, with the US and the UK running an always-increasing and never-to-be-stopped trade deficit;
  5. negative interest rates;
  6. non-existing national internet security policies;
  7. disintegration of states;
  8. the emergence of jihadist networks enabled by the modern media;
  9. transnational structures and treaties like TTIP and PPT sidelining traditional national legislative institutions.

Our think-tank is based on the legacy left us by Franck Biancheri. We are looking for people who want to support our network