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NBC cannot accept that Poles love Trump and hate Stalinists

[a reader’s contribution]

Western left-leaning European media (from a central or eastern European viewpoint even the so-called right-wing media in the West appear to be left-leaning) sometimes comment on the events in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia or Hungary, always with a patronising, condescending attitude, almost reprimanding their East European brothers if the latter “do not behave”. Such are also the reports on President Donald Trump’s visit to Warsaw, Poland, and his speech delivered at a historical place, against the backdrop of a huge monument to the 1944 Warsaw Uprising (not to be confused with the much smaller 1943 Ghetto Uprising in the same city).

The left-leaning media seem to relish the reports that allegedly Poles were induced or forced to participate in the Donald Trump welcoming party1)To Welcome Trump, Poland Taps Old Communist Party Playbook, NBC News which I have the following to say:

  1. It may have been so, although I know my compatriots and I know they would go to greet an American president without being told to do so.
  2. Exactly the same methods were applied when Poland was being pushed into the embrace of the European Union, but then, the journalists somehow did not care because the pervasive narrative was that all reasonable people wanted to become a part of the European structure.

I remember the time prior to our accession to the EU: you could not take a breath without inhaling this sticky overbearing propaganda trying to convince us that the EU was oh such a salvation. One of the renowned professors even said that Poland’s accession to the EU was comparable with Poland’s Christening (966, a date commonly regarded as the birth of Poland as an internationally recognised political entity) from a thousand years before. Can you imagine?


Well-received Donald Trump’s speech in Warsaw

Me and my wife as well as thousands of other representatives of the intelligentsia listened to Donald Trump’s speech and evaluated it very highly. All the Left here (i.e. post-Communists who were all in favour of joining Poland to the EU) were of course (in an attempt to emulate their Western counterparts) critical about the president’s speech so much so that he was greeted by the Polish President and the parliamentary majority that has very bad press with the Left. And no wonder they gritted their teeth. You know, Donald Trump talked about God and patriotism and manly fight against Islam and against the flood of the people from the Third World.

To the likes of us, Polish patriots (who in the West go by the name of nationalists, a foul word second only to racist and anti-Semite) the West looks sick and insane. Everything Poles approve of is frowned upon by the West and the other way round.

In 2013 Wrocław University (South-West Poland) entertained Zygmunt Bauman, a Jewish professor. Zygmunt Bauman was in the forties and fifties of the previous century an officer of the Internal Security Corps (Polish: Korpus Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego, KBW), which cooperated with the Soviet NKVD or Stalin’s henchmen (who killed millions of Russians and Ukrainians) in hunting down, suppressing and killing Polish patriots who opposed the Soviet rule in post-war Poland. Young people disrupted Bauman’s presence at the university and demanded that justice be done. Though they were presented as rednecks by the leftist media, they expressed the nation’s feelings. In the sixties, when the national elements in the communist party eventually took the upper hand, Zygmunt Bauman and the likes of him emigrated (which event in the leftist Western media was and still is presented as Polish anti-Semitism; after all who cares about anti-Polonism?). Some of the Polish patriotic youth (something that is non-existent in the West) who staged vocal protests during Zygmunt Bauman’s lecture were arrested, and so patriots AGAIN were punished for merely trying to vigorously defend the memory of the professor’s victims and for protesting against the accolades being showered on the erstwhile communist apparatchik.

Above: Polish patriots protesting against sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, an erstwhile communist apparatchik.

Zygmunt Bauman in the uniform of the Polish communist regime.

In the same NBC article the authors make a sweeping review of what Poland allegedly stands for, and post a picture of a huge march of protesters against anti-abortion laws, trying to impress it on the reader that this is precisely what “progressive” Poland is all about. Yes, Poland will be progressive in the eyes of the West = Left if it agrees to abort itself out of existence and lets itself be replaced with people from the Third World. Sorry, western intellectuals, we in Poland perceive things differently. Patriotism is not a dirty word to us as it is to you, and we look in horror at what you have done to your countries, slowly turning them into places impossible to live in. And, yes, we do not associate Donald Trump with the devil himself the way you do. I guess it may be hard for you to grasp it, but the patriotic part of us here regard the current American President highly because he speaks like a human being rather than like a zombie. And to think of it: it is either Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin who refer to God or patriotism in their speeches, but never ever any of the European leaders. The continent seems to be a godless wasteland in between two non-EU powers. In many respects, not merely the religious one.

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1. To Welcome Trump, Poland Taps Old Communist Party Playbook, NBC News 2017-07-03.

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