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The police is not there to protect you

an East German report

In the centre of our town, nearby the main railways station, you can see 15 men from North Africa who are selling there illegal drugs. Once a month there erupt fights with knives. Last December two young Germans were assaulted and wounded. The attackers ran away…

What do the Germans do? They look the other way. A year ago I myself was accosted by North Africans in the vicinity of the same railway station who asked if I wanted to buy drugs. I decided to pay no attention, but they did not feel discouraged and chased me with their rude language for a while.

As I saw two policemen close by, I made up my mind to inform them of what had happened. The officers only smiled and told me that those North Africans were known to be occupying that part of the town and selling dope. That was no secret. Yet, the officers’ orders were not to intervene. Their commander told them so. That, too, was no secret. The police can only intervene in case of aggravated assault. And even then the officers would have trouble explaining why of all the places they threaded their way to the drug market…

The moment I revealed myself as an opponent of do-gooders and voiced my objection to the influx of refugees, the police officers began to talk candidly. They said the government wanted it that way and the common people turned out to be too gullible to notice. I had better, they advised me, tell my friends to vote for the right party (as was the case last September). What could they do? Even if they overpowered a refugee criminal in the act and arrested him, the prosecutor would soon let him out. The result? The police stopped caring about performing their job. Why should they bother? The bottom line is the officers were anyway going to be held responsible for any mistreatment of the foreigners.

I asked then: Is there any end to this madness? I heard in reply that the people should start learning how to act in self-defence. I laughed heartily and joked that from now on I would always move around in the company of ten armed friends. You’d better do so, they told me.

One comment on “The police is not there to protect you

  • Until the people start organizing against this and calling out the “Leaders” and “Elite” who are behind it, it will not change.
    You have to determine: who, why, how, and what means.
    Do not listen to their explanation that they are doing this due to declining population. That is pure nonsense. They are doing it for other reasons. Nobody goes along with genocide of their own culture and people without some very disturbing reasons.


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