Spain is a new window for African immigrants

Only a year ago, most African “refugees” came to Italy from Libya. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini in cooperation with the Libyan authorities and the Libyan coastguard took action to curb this procedure, and so Italy ceased to be the main migration route. Now Spain has become a new window for African immigrants wanting to get to Europe.

The number of immigrants reaching the Old Continent through the Iberian Peninsula is growing with every year. From the beginning of January to August 5, a total of over 59 thousand traveled to Europe by sea, of whom fewer than 19,000 went to Italy, over 16,000 to Greece, and almost 24,000 to Spain,which is more than 40% of all the so-called refugees arriving in the Old Continent.

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Witnesses describe horror of seeing boy being disembowelled in south London stabbings

More details have emerged about a quadruple stabbing in south London that left one child with his intestines hanging out. Witnesses have described seeing a group of around 30 youths involved in a fight on the estate in Camberwell, south London, last night. Two of the four children, aged 15 and 16, suffered injuries to their torsos while another had cuts to his arm and the fourth was injured on the leg. Source Metro