Brussels looks to new taxes to pay off pandemic recovery debt

Brussels will call for new environmental taxes and corporate levies as it looks for innovative ways to finance €500bn in debt as part of its post-coronavirus recovery plan.

Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president, will unveil proposals this week for the EU to backstop shattered national economies by Brussels borrowing on the capital markets at low rates and then passing the money on.  Source The Financial Times

Hungary lists illegal migration and demographic change as top security threats in new National Security Strategy

Right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, Hungary has published its new National Security Strategy (NSS), which lists illegal migration, demographic change, armed attacks, and hybrid warfare as some of the biggest threats the country faces.

The country states that NATO is the cornerstone of the country’s security architecture in the 179-point document, which has been expanded from 51 points in the previous one published in 2012. The country regularly updates its NSS every eight years, with additional interim updates if and when warranted. Source Re-Mix

Nîmes: A minor suspected of having killed a man during a rodeo, under the influence of drugs, released

A 17-year-old minor, suspected of having hit a 72-year-old pensioner during a rodeo, was released under judicial supervision, by decision of the liberty and detention judge. The prosecution had requested his detention on remand after being charged with aggravated manslaughter (hit and run, driving under narcotics, endangering the lives of others). Source 20Minutes

Greece, Turkey in border dispute after alleged island occupation

Turkish military forces have reportedly occupied an island in the Evros River, the natural border between Turkey and Greece. Athens has denied the reports, yet relations between the Mediterranean neighbors remain tense. Border tensions between Greece and Turkey aren’t new. Back in 2012, Greek authorities erected a 3-meter (10-foot) high barbed wire fence along 10 kilometers (6 miles) of the Evros River, which runs between the two countries, to stem “irregular migration.” Source Deutsche Welle