First migrants arrive at Napier military barracks in Kent

People have begun arriving at a military barracks in Kent which is being used to house migrants.
The first of up to 400 asylum seekers were seen at Napier Barracks in Folkestone on Monday evening.
The arrivals are understood to be migrants who crossed the Channel aboard small boats.
The Home Office is using the space as “contingency accommodation”, but Folkestone and Hythe MP Damian Collins said the arrangement needed clarifying. Source BBC

A Strasbourg student assaulted because she was wearing a skirt

A Strasbourg student was insulted and punched in the face on Friday September 18 because she was wearing a skirt. Elisabeth denounces an increasingly unhealthy and dangerous climate for young women in Strasbourg.

“One of the three men said to me ‘look at this bitch in a skirt’ ” testifies the 22-year-old LEA student. ” I allow myself to answer ‘sorry’. There, they answer me ‘you shut up bitch and you lower your eyes’. Two each grab me by one arm and the third punches me in the face. And then, the three flee “. Source Francebleu