5-Star’s crisis threatens Italian government’s survival

The 5-Star Movement, senior partner in two coalitions since last year’s national election, is struggling with internal strife and falling support which threaten the survival of Italy’s two-month old government. “With the League they at least had in common that they were both seen as challengers of the old political system, but the PD is a symbol of the establishment 5-Star has always fought. Source Reuters

Ankara restores 18th-century madrasah in Bosnia

An 18th-century historical madrasah in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be restored to its original appearance by a project launched by Turkey’s state-run aid agency. The Ottoman-era vizier İbrahim Pasha Madrasah began operation as a center for learning in 1706 and is located in Travnik city, popularly known as the City of Viziers, due to the fact that 77 such Ottoman officials originated from the town. Source Hurriyet Daily