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Italy and the euro cannot be saved by mass-immigration

The ongoing euro crisis has never been and will never be solved. The native European populations are shrinking and this will have a consequence for the economy, production and public finance. The demographic decline is the single most important economic phenomenon. We do not doubt that the annual visitors to the Global Economic Forum in Davos are fully aware of it: they know that the European and East Asian populations are decreasing and that 18 of the 20 top economies will never experience sustainable growth again. The economic press and mainstream analysts somehow do not get it and still believe that countries that will see their native population shrinking by 30% in the next thirty years can increase their GDP.

Italy is the next epicenter of the demographic crisis. The ongoing euro problems and the orchestrated mass migration into Italy are closely related. Italian population began to dwindle last year, a situation that has never happened in modern history. Without immigration, the Italian working-age population will drop by at least 30% before the middle of the century. If the productivity does not change and even if the Italians are able to balance their budget, the consequences are unsolvable.

The Italian GDP will be smaller and smaller in proportion to the fall in the number of the working-age population. Every working-age person in Italy is burdened with a sixty-thousand-euro public debt and that amount will grow on average by nearly a thousand euros a year because more people are leaving the working force than entering. The debt to GDP ratio will be 200 percent by mid-century. We did not yet factor in the outflow of young people that are looking for employment in other European countries.

This scenario gives a good indication of the problem Italy faces. In the coming years it is expected that the productivity will go up, but the same holds good for the national debt which increased by 15 percent since 2012. All Western economies have arrived at the point where productivity has to compensate for the decline in their populations. Italy is the world’s ninth economy and is on a trajectory that in the long run will end in an economic implosion comparable to the 1998 financial crisis in Argentina, number 21 on the world GDP list.


Financial speculators as George Soros, central bankers and part of the political establishment are fully aware of the long-term perspective of the country and the consequences for Europe. If Italy ditches the euro, the situation will be much worse than the 2008 financial crisis. Not only will the value of the euro collapse but investors, business people and the general public will begin to doubt the viability of the euro currency or fiat currency in general.

Politicians within the European Union try to throw the hot potato to the next generation because they know that they will not be able to contain the mayhem if push comes to shove. To deal with the consequence of the ultimate euro crisis is not within their competence.
Italy does not have its own Central Bank and the country cannot unilaterally suppress interest rates or buy its own debt. Creating money out of thin air as the Japanese do is impossible for the Italian political and monetary establishment.

Most politicians are not part of the wealthy elite, so they do not run a risk of winning or losing any assets. They serve their term (and the particular political purpose) and then they are rewarded with a position at one of the irrelevant international organisations. It is the financial and economic elites that will be crushed and lose their assets during such a crisis, so In order to turn the tide they are desperately trying to increase the working-age population in Europe by promoting and organising a relentless stream of immigrants into the old continent. The mass migration into Europe and the US and the financial state of affairs are not unrelated incidents and it is no surprise that such speculators as Soros are facilitating and promoting the re-population of Italy. Soros asserts that Europe should accept half a million refugees annually on top of the regular migration. Over years such an annual number of people will create a community of refugees with the size of the German population.

There is no reason to believe migration from Central Asia and Africa will compensate for the loss of native Europeans. Most of these immigrants come from areas where people have other work ethic than their European counterparts, they lack education and skills to be employable in the Western economies. Unemployment among sub-Sahara Africans in Western Europe is high while there is a high demand for low qualified uneducated East and Central Europeans. For now, some Africans in Italy will provide southern Italy with cheap slave labour in agriculture and the UN and European assistance budget will even bless the region with the influx of money for the charity industry. For the Italian society at large, the massive influx of immigrants from Africa will be a disaster. It will destroy social cohesion, increase government expenditure and fuel general discontent.
The Italians voted for a new policy that would stop fraudulent NGOs that are shipping another hundred thousand migrants this year to Italy. The two big winners of the last election wanted to send undocumented migrants back home and introduce a parallel currency.

The Italian President Sergio Mattarella blocked the creation of a new government to protect the investors outside Italy and give them the opportunity to proceed another year with the shipping of Africans into Italy. It will not change the long-term perspective and while economic academics still believes it is all about economics and competitiveness, we’d rather say “It is the demographics, stupid”.

6 comments on “Italy and the euro cannot be saved by mass-immigration

  • According to the wealthy elite, it is better to go back to the dark ages with their slavery and poor underclass. The elite know how to manage that sort of society. They had done it before. They exterminate their native Europeans, but everything better than to lose their wealth and status. The elites are acting as the lowest of mankind now. Mostly such behaviour ends very badly (1795 – France).

  • Bon Chevalier says:

    This is not “about Demographics”. The Financial elites (Globalists) have discouraged native European growth through social engineering and media indoctrination for years. In order to maintain their dominance of Western people these parasites, fancying themselves the new Aristocracy, have deliberately flooded Italy and Western Europe with low IQ, violent, but ultimately useless 3rd world refuse – easy to control with a few crumbs of welfare monies. In doing so, given the behaviour of these barbarians, these Elites have finally woken the dormant European consciousness and now there will be hell to pay. Pathetic little puppets like Italian President Mattarella may think they can put a lid on the popular will but they are wrong. He is saying: After me the deluge. The Italian people will rise like a Tsunami and sweep him and other traitors away. This fool doesn’t know it but he has triggered the Turning of the Tide.

  • The European “migrants” are not interested in working – they’re interested in RAPING…. pure and simple. They lack simple moral decency to behave themselves to fellow Europeans. Britain certainly does not help with the jailing of a reporter (Tommy Robinson) who is pointing out this simple fact.

    A Muslim rape culture is not a way to grow a nation. Indeed it is quite evident when a reporter talking about it is jailed long before a rapist is.

  • Why doesn’t this article mention the Kalergi Plan at all?

    How can you even talk about demographics in the EU without mentioning its primary driver? Its all very well and good saying “The Gefira Team do not shy away from controversial issues and do not let themselves be dictated to by political correctness.” but if you fail to mention such things completely it either means you are lying or ignorant.

    Deliberate white genocide in Europe is the official policy of the EU, and was expressly described by its founder, Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in the 1920s. Once we understand this, the immigration “crisis” is no mystery – especially when you realize that Angela Merkel has won the Kalergi award for “services to European Integration”.

    “European Integration” means what Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi said it meant in 1925. In a Belgian media interview he said “We intend to make Europe into a mixed race.”

    In his book “Practical Idealism” he said “The man of the future shall be a mongrel. The races of Europe will be replaced by Afro-Eurasian hybrids.” He was serious.

    He helped select the official EU anthem and designed the 12 starred flag. He is no nobody.

    I can’t believe how all this websites go on and on about GDP and interest rates, when our leaders are deliberately genociding us. Priorities, people!

  • The ‘Globalists’ (International Financial Elites) have been promoting a system of ‘Global Governance; by supra-national institutions under their control for at least the past three decades.

    They succeeded in taking over the U.S. government, beginning in 1980 with the election of the puppet Ronald Reagan, and since then implanting a ‘Deep State’ loyal to them, by means of rampant corruption of the entire U.S. political system. The U.S. has essentially become a dictatorship run by the Globalists. The election of Donald Trump is the first attempt of political revolt against this dictatorship.

    The purpose of the Euro was to strip sovereignty from European nation states and put it into the hands of supra-national institutions (EU structures, IMF, NATO, etc.) controlled by the Globalists. By ceding monetary policy to the EU the nation-states of Europe have also lost the ability to manage fiscal policy. As fiscal and monetary policy are the two constituents of economic policy, the European nation-states have in effect ceded their Economic policy to the Globalists. And with out a sovereign economic policy, a nation-state has indeed ceded its sovereignty.

    This ‘Globalist Dictatorship’ that has been implemented in Europe and the U.S. (and the UK in a manner similar to the U.S.) is, if anything, worse than Fascism. These dictators seize for themselves authority over all important economic and political decisions, while rejecting responsibility for the consequences of these decisions. The transfer of wealth from the populations to the elites is a result of the ‘Globalist’ policies, but the economic decline that has resulted from this wealth transfer is blamed on the populations themselves. National governments, stripped of their sovereignty, are required to impose austerity on their populations in order to protect the wealth of the ‘Globalist’ elites, while forcing the populations absorb all of the consequences of their misguided policies.

    The ‘Project for a New American Century’ is nothing more than a blue-print to subdue the rest of the world that was resisting the ‘Globalist’ project of ‘Global Governance’.

    However the ‘Globalist’ projects are failing, and this for the following reasons:
    1. Dictatorships are incapable of handling the complexity of modern democratic states. The highly complex modern societies were developed under conditions of distributed authority in a democratic society, where systemic ‘legitimacy’ was the source of authority, not the personal forms of power (wealth or the threat of force) that are characteristic of dictatorships. Under the ‘Globalist’ dictatorship modern societies must regress to a level of complexity, and, as a consequence, societal performance that is commensurate with what a dictatorship can manage, i.e. a 19th century (or even earlier) economy.
    This article describes well this regression in Europe. A similar regression is seen in the U.S., characterized by any number of indicators of societal health, including increasing indebtedness, poverty, violence and, perhaps most tellingly, declining life expectancy.

    The election of Trump in the U.S and the ‘populist’ government in Italy, the rise in populism across Europe and the Brexit vote all are part of the beginnings of open revolt of the various populations against the failing ‘Globalist’ dictatorship.

    2. Other states, led by China and Russia, who have resisted ‘Globalist’ interference are continuing to develop, while the ‘Globalist’ dictatorships regress. These countries may not be democratic under the ‘preferred definitions of the ‘Globalists’, i.e. elections that are open to being corrupted by money and propaganda. However they have characteristics that are more representative of true democracy than the ‘Globalist’ run countries. These characteristics include 1. taking responsibility for the populations that are subject to governmental authority, 2. the use of ‘systemic’ authority (rather than wealth or power) to determine who makes political and economic decisions, and 3. complex processes for understanding the needs of the population.

    The success of these countries is enabling them to both resist the economic and military attacks of the ‘Globalists’ and to attract a growing list of nations to an alternative ‘Multi-polar World Order’.

    For the ‘Globalists’ both the failing of the states under their dictatorial governance (and the resulting populist revolts) and the rise of China, Russia and a ‘Multi-polar World Order’ are existential threats. They risk losing not only their power, but also their personal wealth and privilege. Their problem is that, at its root, their project for ‘Global Governance’ like the Euro is deeply flawed and unsustainable. However they do not, and can not, admit this fact. And they have no tools to reverse this fact that does not at the same time diminish their own wealth and power.

    Western nations will continue their decline until the ‘Globalists’ are overthrown, and nation states recover their sovereignty. International economic and military conflicts will continue to rage until the ‘Globalist Dictatorship’ is defeated. The ultimate result is not in doubt. The only question is how much human suffering will be required until the ‘Globalists’ are ultimately disposed of.


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