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Paris – soon a third world capital city

There is a pressing demographic trend, and the areas established by Europeans are being slowly taken over by Africans. Many cities in Africa used to be white cities. Whether it be Congo’s capital, Kinshasa (Léopoldville), Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania, or the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, they were all founded and built by Europeans. Contrary to the popular belief, it was not that the Europeans conquered or colonized African peoples. The continent was barely populated. Yes, there were fights, but the European settled in a predominantly empty space.

With the support of Europe, and more recently that of Japan and China, the African nations are multiplying and becoming the earth’s fastest growing population. Kinshasa, Dodoma and Nairobi – once European – are now turned into African cities and there is no reason to believe that this process will stop at the border of the Dark Continent. Now it is Paris that will become the first true African capital city. In large parts of it white French have been replaced by Africans and this process will not stop anytime soon. Consider the French national football team: it looks at times as if it represented Senegal or Congo.

Up to now, the French have been celebrating their national holiday, holding a large military parade on the Champs-Élysées on 14 July. Today some of the “French” people are celebrating the victory of “their” country in the Africa Cup of Nations, flying Algerian rather than French flags in the centre of Paris. While the French with a white complexion booed President Macron during the national festivities, the French with a darker complexion were celebrating their victory in the Africa Cup of Nations, and bragging of conquering France at a faster pace than the Germans did in 1940 in an act of retaliation for French colonization of their countries of the previous centuries.

Once in Africa, now in Europe, the French are losing territory step by step, and we read on a regular basis that representatives of the French state, whether it be the police or emergency workers are ambushed, with police stations being under attack carried out by the new French. What attracts everybody’s attention are the New Year’s Eve celebrations marked by car-be-cues i.e. by torching hundreds of automobiles. The custom accompanies also other events like the football world cup victories that are celebrated in the like fashion.

Data collection by race, ethnicity and religion is in France forbidden since 1872, which is why it is not easy to come by figures that would break down French society by the mentioned categories. One has either to rely on estimates or craft intelligent methods of figuring out the numbers. Visitors to Paris and other major French cities, however, have little doubt the rapid ethnic changes are taking place. The old face of the cultural capital of the world is being obliterated and something qualitatively and quantitatively new is emerging: a European counterpart of Algiers, Karachi and Lusaka combined.

The French failed to turn the Africans into the genuine French during the very short colonial era, so there is no reason to believe that the fast shrinking French will succeed now that the African population is moving into Metropolitan France. Once Paris was the center of Europe, the envy of many European capitals, well known for its fashion, universities, innovation and science, but that is already something of the past. Within 25 years Paris will be known as the first African city in Europe, with all attending problems. During the sixties the French were expelled from Asia and Africa; now they are being expelled from the last territory that they are still holding. The difference is that this time there is no home country to retreat to.

The delusional French elites believe that anyone can be a French citizen providing that he accepts Frenchness. One might ask which Frenchness is meant, that represented by Emmanuel Macron or that expounded by Marine Le Pen, but never mind such a nuance because even if the Macron kind of Frenchness is implied, the Third World French not only do not feel French but openly and aggressively emphasize their foreignness: they wave foreign flags in Paris and talk about having conquered France more efficiently and effectively than the Germans did in 1940.


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One comment on “Paris – soon a third world capital city

  • The third world is imploding very fast. The spill-over to Europe is gaining traction. Europe is detoriating and also imploding in time. There will be some green-shoots at the European continent, probably in the east of Europe. It is impossible to turn around without heavily bloodshed.


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