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How much are vaccinations worth? Truth-loving doctors stand up

Leading media are all unanimous and convinced that vaccinations are effective and good, for everyone and at every age. Anyone who claims otherwise is immediately dismissed as a burbling yokel, even if he or she argues scientifically and in terms of epidemiology. Everyone has the right to be informed about the risks and benefits of vaccination and to decide freely whether or not to be vaccinated. Vaccination propaganda that plays down risks and side effects discriminates against the unvaccinated and is a tool of politicians who want to divide societies according to the old rule of divide et impera in order to strengthen their power. The scaremongering about Covid by many leading media – the so-called qualitative media – which bring in phrase-mongering, unanimous “specialists” dependent on the pharmaceutical companies, this scaremongering makes society sick, more than Covid itself. There are, however, doctors who are standing up to it.

Thanks to the kind permission of Doctor Magdalena Resch, we print below the open letter of 217 doctors from the initiative “Doctors stand up” ( to the members of the Bundestag and to the Chancellor. The letter was met with an allergic reaction from the leading media, as well as from various mainstream stalwarts such as Mimikama-Faktencheck, where scientific data from “Doctors Stand Up” was clumsily and unfairly questioned. Fortunately, the courageous doctors are on the alert and also published a rebuttal to Mimikama-Faktencheck, which exposes the alleged fighter of fake news as a big fake maker.

The open letter: .

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