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Of real and imaginary weather witches

When floods or violent thunderstorms occurred in the Middle Ages, people blamed the tempestarii or weather witches. In the Alps they were also blamed for falling rocks. In some areas, it was a custom to burn green wood in the stove during a thunderstorm in order to drive away the storm witches with the smoke. Weather witches were persecuted as the servants of the devil. For example, after the hailstorm of 1562 in south-west Germany, persecutions of witches took place in Wiesensteig, Esslingen and Sindelfingen, among other places.

Nowadays, a different superstition prevails: humans are responsible for all the freak weather, all climate change is exclusively anthropogenic in nature. And we wicked witches and storm makers in our fat SUVs, on our cruise ships with a plastic cup in our hand, with our gigantic CO2 footprint are to blame for all the natural disasters. The angry, screaming girls and women, like Greta Thunberg or other climate icon from Fridays for Future Luisa Neubauer would love to burn us at the stake.

The blockades of the streets in the centres of the big cities could be classified as terrorist acts if they were organised by the right-wing scene, for example, but in the case of the new superstition, the green climate Jesuits, this is not the case.

Climate change may be a fact. It is also a fact that it cannot be proven that, for example, the terrible flood of 2021 on the upper Ahr in Germany was caused by humans. There were also major floods in this area in the Middle Ages and later centuries, long before the industrial revolution. But for the left-green scene it was clear at the time that humans were responsible. Luisa Neubauer immediately announced more pressure on politics and the then candidate for chancellor, Olaf Scholz, said “This natural disaster certainly has something to do with the fact that climate change is progressing at speed”. Yes, Mr. Scholz: we must wash ourselves clean of our eco-sins and buy indulgences from the Greens. Even more expensive electricity, even higher car taxes. Whether it’s fires in Czechia or floods in Romania, it’s the weather witches. Why do the climate prima donnas of the new green church behave like weather witches themselves, angrily shouting at elders, quarrelling and insolent with their enigmatic magic words like “sustainable”? Why do they lead double lives like the aforementioned Luisa, known for her penchant for long-haul flights? Shouldn’t we take the precaution of burning green wood in the oven?

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