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I challenge you to consider 2

Two American cities can serve as a litmus test: Chicago and Detroit. Once big, sprawling, impressive, breath-taking. In the year 1950 Chicago’s population stood at 3,6 million and it was then at its peak; seventy years later – in 2020 – it stood at 2,7 million i.e. it had been reduced by roughly a fourth.

Detroit’s population in the year 1950 amounted to 1,8 million; seventy years later – in 2020 – it was down to 0,6 million, i.e. it had been reduced by a sweeping two thirds. What went wrong? What happened? Has a war been waged in the areas in and around the cities? Has a series of tornadoes or earthquakes hit the two cities? Have they been hit by a plague, incomparably more destructive than the notorious virus that emerged soon after the discussed period? Well​?

Sure, there has been neither war nor plague, there have been neither tornadoes nor earthquakes. Ah yes, there may have been a number of economic crises during that long time, but even they cannot be held responsible for the devastation that has been caused to the cities’ demographics. There has been acting one factor that it is dangerous to even mention, a factor that social scientists avoid at all costs on pain of being declared castaways and not accepted by self-respecting society should they dare to roll out this factor and discuss it. What is this factor?

If you are open-minded and not easily intimidated, then you may have guessed; if you are a staunch supporter of political theology of egalitarian humanism, then you will never guess and then you’d better stop reading here and now.

The factor that we think about – this elephant in the room that “polite society” makes believe not to notice – is the ethnohistory and the corresponding biocultural history of the two cities. Give a careful look at the graphs below showing

[1] the numerical rise of the black population and the accompanying

[2] numerical drop of the white population, and the resultant

[3] overall numerical fall in the demographics of the cities.

Chicago’s demographics, ResearchGate

Detroit’s demographics, Wikipedia

The reverse proportionality of one numerical value rising and the other falling strikes the eye, does it not? You can be certain that intellectually crippled social scientists nurturing themselves from the bowls served to them by their owners and enjoying the owners’ occasional pat on the shoulder (Good job, boy!) will

[1] rabidly accuse you of racism, and

[2] provide a number of explanations, economic and others, with “systemic racism” of the whites as necessarily the ultimate argument.

Whichever way you look at it, there are distinctive human biocultures (with emphasis on bio) that cannot be squeezed together no matter how much the managers of the world try to make them coalesce. True, the two cities are still shared by whites and blacks, but then – despite all the propaganda disseminated by the regime and despite the full-blown cult of the Other writ large and enforced on whites – the two anthropological types tend to flock together (see the map). 

Why should they not? They have different and conflicting ethnic genetic interests (Frank Salter, On Genetic Interests: Family, Ethnicity and Humanity in an Age of Mass Migration), which means that they are not suited to share the same living space (by their own choice!) to the effect that when one group is in, the other is out in the most literal sense of the statement.

One more important observation: Detroit is the 3rd, while Chicago is the 6th most crime-ridden city in the United States. Memphis, where the proportion of blacks to whites is 2 to 1, takes first place, while St Louis, where the same proportion is 1 to 1 (while the number of inhabitants fell from approx. 800 000 in 1930 down to 300 000 in 2020), takes second. Go guess why.

We began our observation saying that Chicago and Detroit are litmus papers. What are the two cities litmus papers for? They are litmus papers for the entirety of the United States.

I challenge you to consider!

Millions enter the States from the south. How will that translate into American demographics? Do you you think a new, monolithic society will emerge? If you do, then think again and look at Chicago and Detroit. How will it translate into the living standards (public safety, economy) of the whole country?

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