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Gefira 71: With little wisdom the world is governed

Is the world governed with little wisdom? Generally, yes. This little wisdom boils down to simple means of exercising power and these are sheer, brute force, the threat of the use thereof, financial or intellectual bribery and money creation. Can we have a world without those who govern and those who are governed? No. Female mayors of some American cities who sought to govern without the police simply shifted power from the municipal administration to street gangs i.e. young, primitive, ruthless, reckless males who carry guns and never hesitate to use them. As a result struggle, hatred and an endless string of acts of vengeance reigned supreme. Neither hierarchy was abolished nor exploitation, nor for that matter: racism. Such is the biological component of human beings: they compete, they need to compete, they are driven to compete, they are designed to always want to outdo, outperform, outsmart others, they are elated when they are adored, admired, obeyed, feared, respected and loved. To achieve this end they will resort to any and all means available. One of those means is acting in groups of shared interests or identities.

People fall into national, religious, and racial groups which in turn can be divided into a number of social strata. They all – will-nilly – compete for resources, for power: they all each want to shape the world after their own fashion. Divisions also cut through societies, nations, races and creeds: it is Athens against Sparta, Carthage against Rome, the Muslim world against the Christian world, the War of the Roses, the French Revolution (i.e. the rising of the lower social classes against the aristocracy and the clergy); the American War of Secession, the Bolshevik Revolution i.e. the rebellion of the have-nots against the haves or the instigation of the have-nots against the haves by external powers (Germany, United Kingdom, United States) to destroy Russia, the Spanish Civil War, the war of domination over the Pacific between Japan and the United States, the war of the sexes that erupted in the sixties of the previous century, the war of the youth against the older generations… the list is endless. In these numerous conflicts various weapons are employed: from clubs and maces to bows and crossbows to cannon and tanks, to aircraft and missiles; apart from these – economic and psychological weapons are used, increasingly so in the modern times. The principle is simple: money is the be-all and end-all of something of all societies in all times; as for psychology: once you master your enemy’s mind, you have won over him without having to wreak havoc to material things; once you control your enemy’s mind, you have in him a devoted, docile servant who does not even realize that he is a servant!

All in all, in those conflicts people are punched, killed, maimed, tortured, bribed, seduced, intimidated, brain-washed, re-educated, converted and what not.

Basically there are three weapons with which one group subdues the other:
[1] arms (weapons that enable physical elimination),
[2] money (means that enforce desired behaviour), and
[3] psychology (means that invade the mind and make it remotely controllable).

Basically there are four fields in which one group wields power over another:
[1] economic (who exploits whom),
[2] military (who kills whom),
[3] cultural (who shapes whom), and
[4] political (who rules whom).

Gefira 71 familiarizes the reader with the means with which control is exercised through finances (money creation, digital money, programmable money, abolition of cash) and ideology (mind shaping, brain washing, intimidation, intellectual seduction). Both are extremely dangerous and extremely efficient, both are being applied to enable a very small group of people to impose their will and their vision of the world on the remaining vast majority.


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  • Reigning over society
  • End of cash or CBDC
  • Vietnam: Profiting from the dispute between the USA and China
  • Investment ideas

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