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America aeterna

What did the Roman Empire look like just before the Goths attacked in 410? What did China look like in the 15th century, when it completely cut itself off from the outside world and insisted on its ideas? The green spaces in front of the Capitol and other buildings in Washington reminiscent of ancient Rome are full of homeless people and their tents.

The Goths of modern America, however, are not the classes impoverished by globalization; rather, they are neo-Marxist movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, destructive forces that one day storm the capitals all at once, only to retreat to their ghettos for a few months and attack again like the partisans in World War II. The data on moronic types walking the streets and shooting around in the US is frightening, by the way.

These facts make it clear why 43% of Americans believe their country is at risk of civil war.

What happened to America in the last few years to make things so bad? Americans have lost an ability that sociologists call horizontal solidarity, that is, to communicate across social classes, regardless of how much one owns, in order to achieve “higher things”. And although the official narrative in the US media is still full of hackneyed phrases about inclusivity, tolerance, reparation, building back better, the American nation is ever more deeply divided between the interior of the continent and the coasts, between the people of the post-industrial, virtual world, who don’t care where they live because they can continue to maintain their status in the remotest village via metaverse, and those who have remained down-to-earth and see only doom and a slow but sure demise in the new, beautiful world, the new world of which they have received nothing. The American nation is atomized, has long since become a nation of nomads (or has it always been one?) and is becoming more and more intensely a nation of monads (in Leibniz’s view), of independent, innumerable modes of existence. This crowd of monads, however, is not moving in any consciously planned long-term direction (regarding the great Asian nations, this is probably not the case), but is simply drifting away.

Tents in Los Angeles

What do we find there ideologically? What could drive this nation? What could unite these monads? All that remained were scraps of ideas and ideologies. Shreds of Christian ideology in the myriad varieties of the Protestant Churches of America, replaced by Green and Leftist mysticism. Shreds of neo-Marxist babble about the coming revolution and the great upheaval, scraps of neo-humanism that has impeded schooling with a plethora of rights, of total freedom for the child, of the relativity of grading, of co-determination in the evaluation process. Shreds of justice, the execution of which has been outsourced to private prisons. Shreds of freedom, in the country where all-powerful special services eavesdrop on your every word (yes, yes precautionary all over the world), shreds of the dream about redistribution of wealth. The Rust Belt versus California… Bill Gates versus over half of Americans who can’t save anything from their monthly income… 

Homelessness in Seattle 

Americans’ racial antagonisms overlap with their social polarization. This polarization is the main goal of the neo-Marxists (including the US Democrats) who are always trying to divide society anew: they divide and invent new genders, new problems (environment, pandemics), new crises, invent a new language (like the prisoners’ argot) that is already completely incomprehensible to older generations, their newspeak as Orwell called it. This leads to such slogans as: Freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. Or: Black is white. Or: War is peace, because that’s what the chants shouted by Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris waving in Congress the Ukrainian flag boiled down to while Selenskyj gave his speech – a pathetic sovereignty of the Democratic Party in the face of the US arms lobby. The Democrats, who love to talk about the peaceful coexistence of all nations and races, are beaters for the arms industry and the Pentagon. In the fiscal year 2022 alone, the military budget was $858 billion, $45 billion more than the Biden administration had requested – thanks to the Democratic Party in Congress. This virus, which allows democrats to distinguish between good and bad wars, between friendly and hostile dictators, also reached Europe: Germany’s recently resigned Defence Minister said about Ukraine:

“There is a war raging in the middle of Europe […] which evoked many special impressions in me […] brought about many encounters with interesting and great people. For that I say a heartfelt thank you.”

Thank you Ms Lambrecht: War is peace during which one can develop. We will spare you here countless statements by Biden and other top US thinkers, where you can find such Orwellian doublethink again and again. We will only quote the words of Democratic Party politician and United Methodist Church pastor Emanuel Cleaver, who concluded his prayer in the US Congress with the words: “Amen and Awoman”. This is no joke – Rules Committee in Congress as the US language police wants to eliminate “wrongthink” and close all gender of gender ideology mouths.

Just as many once foresaw the fall of Rome in 410, we look uneasily to our Big Brother across the ocean who sees all. Is he really so powerful at the moment that there is no end of empire in sight, or will the Goths win in the 2024 elections?

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