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What on earth is going on in the UK?

Whites still make up 85 or so percent of the population of the United Kingdom. Yet, when you look at the faces of the individuals who occupy (occupied, will occupy) key positions, you begin to wonder whether they are representatives of a Third World country or whether the United Kingdom has been conquered by a Third World country.

What is happening in the United Kingdom resembles the political philosophy that used to be pursued and enforced in former communist countries, in which there was an official semi-religious cult of the working class people and the peasantry and, consistently, such people were positioned in places of power. Today in Western countries (ideologically taken over by the Trotsky branch of communism) the cult of the people of colour supplanted the cult of the working class people and the peasantry, and consequently such people are placed in positions of power.

There is a world of difference, though. The number of working-class people together with that of the peasantry was in the neighborhood of 70-80 percent of the post-war – that is the beginning of the communist political takeover in Eastern Europe – population of Poland, Romania, Hungary or Yugoslavia, and perhaps even a bit more in Russia after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution.

The other enormous difference is that educated children of workers and peasants became doctors, engineers, journalists, teachers etc. and they could no longer be regarded as or recognised as or identified as workers or peasants. The people of colour in the United Kingdom will remain people of colour for generations to come. Notice also, that though the ideology elevating workers and peasants was initially unfriendly towards or somehow discriminating against people with a university education, once the sons and daughters of the same workers and peasants joined the ranks of the educated cohorts of society, the unfriendliness or discrimination automatically disappeared. Now, the children of people of colour will remain people of colour – they cannot biologically join the ranks of whites – so the prejudice, mistrust, unfriendliness or hate on their part towards whites (and reversely) is not likely to disappear.

Notice also, that while workers and peasants of Eastern Europe shared their Christian heritage with people with a university degree, some of the people of colour (with the number being on the rise) are – unlike white residents of the United Kingdom – Muslim or Hindu.

Though the white majority of the residents of the United Kingdom may have been thoroughly brainwashed into accepting it all (though the correct term for the current behaviour of the whites ought to be termed negative or enforced acceptance), one of these days they will certainly recoil and lash out; they surely will. In the long run it has always been so in world history, with absolutely no exceptions. The powers that be are playing with fire, yet they are blinded by metastasized Trotskyism. To think of it: just as Eastern Europe along with Russia ditched Stalinism three decades ago, the Western world remains in the firm grip of Trotskyism and that of the Frankfurt School. What disaster does that spell? Go figure. 

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