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Gefira 75: Morituri vos salutant

It is really a sorry sight to see young, manipulated people in their twenties who rant in the EU Parliament about putting an end to economic growth. It is a sorry sight to see their gray-haired supervisors who have groomed those youngsters and are now parading them for the whole world to see and having them deliver pseudo-lectures, pseudo-appeals to give up on development. That the likes of Philippe Lamberts or Ursula von der Leyen have had enough and cannot keep pace with the vibrant advance of technology and sound ideas is understandable; that there are young people who want to jump from childhood straight to senility is really sad. Two generations back their peers dreamt of conquering outer space, today young men and women are dreaming of going back to a leisurely existence in the countryside. Why do the young men and women do it?

They are – to put it politely – not quite in their rights senses. They have for the most part graduated from social “sciences” or gender studies; if some of them have dealt with economics, then a special type of economics, like the one socialist countries practised and ended up as they did. These young men and women, groomed to be future Baerboks and von der Leyens, genuinely believe in all that has been fed to their minds. They believe in the end of the world that is looming large unless we – the whole mankind – stop developing. They also benefit from this pro de-growth activism: how many people can have the floor at the EU parliament, stay at a Brussels hotel and play big? How many people can attend such conferences repeatedly every year and travel the world round at who knows whose expense? How many people can feel that important? Narcissism in full blossom!

In the meantime the powers that be have a problem with money. The rising debt, the debt ceiling that is not crossed only because it is constantly raised, the emergence of crypto currencies and the engineering of central bank digital currency are all on the agenda. Let the young care about climate change, immigration, sexual deviance, cancel culture and white supremacy while we – the managers of the world – are busy designing a system of total control. Gefira 75 sensitizes us to these problems. Sadly, while socio- and psychopaths at the top echelons of the world’s elite are hell-bent on preserving their power and subjugating humanity, their red guards – or rather – their green guards are doing their danse macarbe and calling to us with the gladiators words: Morituri vos salutant


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  • Morituri vos salutant
  • Obsession with growth
  • Target: War on growth
  • JUSA against cryptocurrencies

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