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Gefira 76: The Birth of Tragedy

The tragedy that Gefira 76 is dealing with is the death of the Western civilization that has been born by the Western elites. For decades now they have distanced themselves from the overwhelming majority of common people. What the elites seek to impose is entirely alien, weird or at times repulsive to the man in the street even though the ideas of the elites are ubiquitous in the media, in entertainment and the educational system. The common man is not interested in the rights of the sexual minorities or in reparations for wrongs committed two centuries ago by a group of individuals to a group of individuals who are long forgotten. The man in the street does not even want to identify with the eco-dictatorship that is enforced on us every single day.

It is obvious that the managers of the world have panicked: they can see that the system – capitalism or whatever you wish to call it – is not going to satisfy the huge masses of the population, and so the managers of the world have decided to rule by mongering fear and instilling guilt or shame (starting with the virus and ending with Russia, terrorists, China, melting icebergs, climate change, you name it). They are planning on harnessing us all, deny us of the comforts of life that we take for granted and restrict our freedom of movement to the infamous fifteen-minute zones. Once the managers of the world abolish cash, we will all find ourselves in a digital concentration camp.

Manageable(?) chaos or controlled(?) damage – in the form of tolerated riots of non-whites, pride marches, military interventions, immigration “crises”, “systemic” racism, cancel culture and so on, and so forth – serve the purpose of stupefying us and making us compliant. Whatever the managers of the world are doing to us resembles the nightmare scenarios from the Book of Revelations. We are witnessing an unstoppable destruction of all values. Gefira 76 presents the target list of things that are to be demolished, removed or changed beyond recognition. Can we, the common people, avert it?

Czech political scientist and economist Petr Robejšek proposes a people’s movement based on four principles, and these are to act in such a way as to always give preference to:
1. slow action over fast action;
2. local affairs over global affairs;
3. face-to-face contacts over electronic contacts; and
4. domestic goods and ideas over foreign goods and ideas.

Who knows? Maybe we can avoid falling over the cliff with this prescription?


Gefira Financial Bulletin #76 is available now

  • Civilization of death
  • The big upheaval – the latest ideas
  • Defense industry
  • Artificial intelligence

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