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Gefira 78: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Yes, something is rotten. Not in the state of Denmark – as Shakespeare’s Hamlet is known to have said – but everywhere in the white man’s world. Yes, we are enjoying advanced stages of sophisticated technology, but everything apart from it is spiraling downwards. Indeed, technology itself can one of these days become our own undoing.

To see the state of the affairs it is best to take a few steps back: to relocate to fifty-seventy years ago. Only then will we be able to see both the huge changes and the distinct trends. What was the white man’s world like fifty-seventy years back?

Well, families were families (a man and a woman and a bunch of children); churches were relatively full, decency was abided by, so there were no parades with mocked copulations between the same sexes; children were protected against anything having to do with sex (let alone homosexuality); men were masculine while women were feminine (or at least such was the ideal, the model); the French were the French while the Italians were the Italians and no one would think that yesterday’s Nigerian or Somali can be today’s Englishman or German; abortion, even if practised, was not propagated while euthanasia was not considered yet, at least on a large scale; no one was discouraged from eating meat or travelling by car; the natural environment was appreciated but not venerated or worshipped; ministers (especially ministers of defence), prime ministers, presidents were male rather than young female models and they were not berated by a teenager girl; terms like stakeholder capitalism, migrations (except for bird migrations), Europeans of African origin or black Europeans, cancel culture, black lives matter, lockdown, ableism, systemic racism, gender reassignment, gender mainstreaming, man-made climate change, de-growth, parent A/parent B, neutral personal pronouns, and so on, and so forth were not known; British, French, German, Swedish etc. towns and cities were governed by white, Christian British, French, German, Swedish etc. men, sometimes women; children were not taken away from their parents under fancy pretexts; no one was obliged to wear safety belts while driving or helmets while cycling; historical white characters in the movies were impersonated by white actors and actresses and nobody would have elected a black woman Miss Ireland or Miss England; there were no streams of “refugees” entering a white man’s country when they pleased; the pope (the head of the Catholic Church) did not preach environmentalism; tattoos were worn by inmates of prisons and even then they did not cover most of the skin area as it happens nowadays; not even homeless beggars would have worn tattered trousers; you could say most of the things without fear of being ostracized or prosecuted; the canons of beauty, truth and goodness were commonly recognized as right and worthy of striving for; younger generations would have looked up to older generations rather than the other way round; shame and decency were some of the virtues imbibed at an early age; single mothers, divorce and the practice of couples living without being married were rare…

…all of this is gone, subverted, inverted, turned upside down and inside out almost without anybody’s noticing, anybody’s protesting. Indeed, not even the French (1789) or the Bolshevik (1917) revolutions wreaked such havoc with the civilization as existing in the respective years.


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  • Something is rotten in the state of Denmark
  • A slide into the abyss
  • Ray Dalio, or: Whether China will be the new superpower
  • The situation on the markets

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