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Gefira 80: Vampires, cannibals and mindjackers

Why do we have wars, actually? When you come to think of it, then you arrive at a conclusion that ordinary people – you and me – are not in favour of war. We are told to be living in democracies, where the majority of people, i.e. of ordinary people determine the political course of their country through the ballot. Why then do we still have wars? Do common Americans or common Russians want to die in Ukraine? Do Ukrainians want to die in the conflict? Obviously, they don’t. Nobody does. So why, to reiterate the question, do we still have wars?

Part of the answer to this question is the realization that there are psychological categories of people – in plain English deranged, derailed people – who due to their specific cast of mind strive to launch and wage wars. What people are these? Narcissists, neurasthenics, sociopaths and psychopaths. Yes, they make up a minority in any society, but due to the particular traits of their psyche they can make up even a half if not more of these who hold the reins of power. Why? Because narcissists, neurasthenics, sociopaths and psychopaths are individuals who are not hampered by remorses, who satisfy their desires cost it morally what it may, because they easily outmaneuver, outsmart, outperform ordinary people who have psychological limitations in that they have a conscience.

It is not only politics where narcissists, neurasthenics, sociopaths and psychopaths are overrepresented. The same psychological features enable them to amass fortunes. Now, if a narcissist, neurasthenic, sociopath or psychopath has both power and lots of money, he can lord it over millions of ordinary people. Such individuals indulge their hedonistic desires and promote their selfish interests among others through organ trafficking, sex business and scaremongering. They are involved in organ trafficking because this procedure can prolong their hedonistic lives; they are no aliens to sex business because they need to please themselves; ultimately, they love scaremongering (imminent climate change, war, etc.) because it keeps the populace obedient and because it diverts the people’s attention from them.


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  • Sex business, sexual enslavement
  • Organ harvesting and trade
  • Uranium Update
  • Threatened supply chains

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