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Reckoning with the pandemic because the new one is already being planned

The fact is that there were significantly higher death rates in countries with anti-coronavirus measures. While in New Zealand and Australia, for example, which even pursued a zero-Covid strategy, around 20% more people died than usual in 2021, in Sweden, where people lived without corona terror, i.e. as normally as before, it was only 0.1%.

In 2020 in particular, Sweden was pilloried by Western elites for its “recklessness” until Stockholm’s reins were also tightened, and until the Swedish king himself personally apologized for the alleged mistakes made during the pandemic.

A commission was convened against the government, which merely wanted to preserve the freedoms of its people, and lo and behold: in June 2022, its head Mats Melinso reassessed the situation: “If you look at the whole pandemic, Sweden is one of the countries with the lowest excess mortality“. The bigwigs in the vaccine industry must not have liked that.

Even now, in 2024, they are furious, because after the countless side effects, after it has been proven that the vaccines simply don’t work, after trust has evaporated and hordes of vaccination specialists have embarrassed themselves, people are no longer getting vaccinated against corona. The CEOs and gentlemen in the elite circles are scratching their heads and saying: we’ve put too much into the business to give it up so abruptly and easily. And look what is decided in Davos in 2024. Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Johnson&Johnson and Pfizer, which are among the “partners”, i.e. sponsors, of the forum, have recently suffered massive losses. mRNA developer Moderna, which “went from a small start-up to a biotech giant worth more than 100 billion dollars in the wake of the corona scare campaign”, suffered a loss of 3.6 billion dollars in the third quarter of last year.

So at this year’s meeting of the world’s movers and shakers in the Swiss spa town, the head of the WHO rushes to warn of a new “disease X”. It’s bizarre: the Ethiopian communist Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus docilely speaks what the pharmaceutical industry makes him speak, because he is financed by Gates and other bigwigs of the Western pharmaceutical industry… And the founder of the Davos Forum, Klaus Schwab, is meeting with high-ranking Chinese officials for a confidential discussion at this time.

As early as 1997, the French journalist Serge Halimi wrote ironically in his book “Les Nouveaux Chiens de garde” (“The New Watchdogs”): “Every year in Davos you meet some of the 358 billionaires who, together and in ‘diversity’, are helping to change the planet, since they alone own more wealth than almost half the world’s population.” Today there are around 2700 billionaires around the globe, and no doubt their interests will also be represented in Davos.

We are impatiently awaiting disease X and the digital ID cards linked to a bank account announced at the World Economic Forum, as well as “the fight against disinformation and misinformation“. 

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