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Gefira 83: Homosexuals of all countries unite!

Homosexuals of all countries unite? What the heck is that? You won’t have heard a catchphrase like this one and yet you will have sensed it somehow. Why, if there is anything that unites various countries around the globe and especially the countries of the white man, it is not so much the Christmas season as increasingly love or pride parades as they have come to be known. Sexual deviants celebrate their sexuality in that they parade along the city streets and disclose to every passer-by how they satisfy their sexual drives. In case you are not familiar, you get the operating manual as parading homosexuals not only sport their weird clothing and expose their half-naked bodies but also mock-copulate. A scene unimaginable a mere few decades back, now touted and protected as a human right, with barely a squeak of protest from anybody, least of all the main Christian churches, which, scared out of their wits by the powers that be (or infiltrated by the same), sometimes join the crowd of sycophants claiming that they respect all people and all walks of life, and appreciate the “contribution” (fashionable word in today’s politically correct parlance) of all “communities” (another fashionable word) to the common good. You know, the usual clap-trap of high-visibility people, be they political or church leaders, be they actors or sportsmen.

What is particularly strange about the said pride or love parades is the fact that the United States as a political entity, as a world superpower, gives its full, unconditional support to them and demands of all the weaker countries to recognize such parades as a human right. Non-compliance incurs America’s wrath and creates ample opportunity for American diplomats to lecture and pontificate about progress and backwardness, about enlightenment and bigotry, about tolerance and intolerance. Non-compliance provides a perfect opportunity for Washington to meddle with another state’s affairs and to recruit – yes, you heard it right – America’s agents of influence, agents provocateurs and all other types of agents who go by the name of human rights activists. Fighting in defence of the rights for sexual minorities, they disrupt a state, a country, a nation and weaken it, while homosexuals of the said countries feel grateful to Washington for giving them a helping hand. Thus, an army of collaborators comes into existence, collaborators willing to betray their own nations and work in the interests of the United States. Reason enough for Washington to promote such marches everywhere and anywhere in the world; reason enough for Washington to fly rainbow flags from their embassies across all continents, as if these flags were alternative national banners or alternative banners of the United Nations.

You may have wondered why of all the countries it is the United States, and why of all the institutions it is the American embassies that disseminate and advance this particular sexual conduct of sexual minorities. They just make use of the ready army of the discontented and exploit them as a fifth column, as an instrument of political pressure, and lastly as America’s tentacles in another country. That’s at least the inference that Soviet and later Russian counterintelligence operatives have arrived at and shared with the world at large. A fascinating read.

Notwithstanding homosexuals who nowadays go by a myriad of various gender names, economy is not falling asleep. It has turned out that we were right: precious and industrial metals along with agricultural commodities become more and more pricey – a strong factor behind the unwillingness of most central banks to ease their monetary policy. Never mind that inflation has been curbed, at least according to the mainstream media.

It is cocoa that has attracted the interest of numerous investors. Why? Because you can gain more from dealing in this product than from speculating on bitcoins. Gefira 83 will walk you through the cocoa market and… oil, where the situation is particularly complicated. New opportunities for investors appear to be opening up.


Gefira Financial Bulletin #83 is available now

  • The Trojan Horse with a Rainbow Mane
  • Copper
  • Crude oil
  • Short squeeze on the cocoa market – buy chocolate in stock

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