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Windrush Miracle

or a few questions and observations

A few days ago a monument to the so-called Windrush Generation was unveiled with all the pomp and the presence of Prince William and Princes Kate. The monument depicts a man and a woman with their child, all Jamaicans, on suitcases. It reminds the viewers of the 1948 event when the first group of Jamaicans arrived in Great Britain on the Empire Windrush, later to be followed by many, many more. The United Kingdom’s government, the queen, Prince William, the BBC and all the media hastened to celebrate the occasion and emphasize the enormous contribution to British culture made by Jamaicans. It was also reminded that Jamaicans sacrificed themselves and their well-being as they hurried to arrive in Britain to help rebuild the country after the war. All of this makes one wonder.

Jamaica, just as the other Caribbean countries, ranks among the poorest in the world, with the highest crime rate. How on earth
① could people from a country like that contribute “enormously” to British culture and economy, and
② why on earth the Jamaicans being capable of making such enormous contributions to a very well developed country are not able to raise their own state from poverty and crime?

Great Britain’s benefactors

These are legitimate questions, are they not? The sycophantic statements made by the prince and others make one believe that Britain could not have done without those Jamaicans and that those Jamaicans virtually sacrificed themselves for the sake of Great Britain. Needless to say, it was reminded that they were not accepted by the then British society and they faced – yes, you guessed it right! – racism. Still, they would flock to Britain and they did their best to “make an enormous contribution” to the nation that – to put it mildly – did not like them. One is led to believe that the United Kingdom could not have survived the post-war period without those Jamaicans and that the United Kingdom would fare far worse today if stripped of Jamaican aid. Continue reading

Gefira 65: The Self-Destruction of the Occident

Monuments are pulled down, names of heroes – tarnished, past exploits – mocked, tradition – ridiculed, anything held sacred up to very recently – denounced in the strongest terms. Are these things done by the conqueror in regard to the defeated? In such a case all of the above would be understandable but no. All these things are done by the powerful West to itself. The Occident is suiciding itself in a very ugly manner. It still produces technological wonders and its popular culture – first of all movies and music – is still in high demand everywhere in the world, but its societies are growing weaker and weaker, softer and softer, more and more childless with every decade. They are indifferent to having themselves replaced by the Third World people and they do not care about their past and traditions. What is happening?

The Occident may be fixed on dismantling itself just like that, without any particular reason, or it might be that it has fallen victim to a hostile takeover. The powers that be acting from within have devised just three psychological processes with which they perfectly control the Western man. These are guilt, shame and the feeling of nobleness or occupying moral high ground.

The Western man has been made to feel guilty of his past: slavery, colonialism, xenophobia and racism that were practised by some of his ancestors.

The Western man has been made ashamed of being white, of being Caucasian, of leading the world, of bearing the burden of raising the other peoples of the earth from their backwardness.

The Western man has been made to believe that he needs to atone for all the wrong things that his ancestors did, and that this is the way to his salvation; he’s been made to believe that prostration and capitulation, that self-denial and pathological altruism will absolve him of the inherent grave sin of racism, xenophobia, and intolerance while it will also help to strip himself of the privilege of being white.

With these three reins, three steering wheels, three psychological tools the whole West has been rendered defenceless, obedient and even docile. Ah yes, there are two more weapons for those few who stubbornly refuse to accept such a vision of the world and these are deplatforming (a modern term for ostracism or censorship) and intimidation. Gefira 65 entitled “The Self-Destruction of the Occident” explores the mechanism behind this self-imposed or induced annihilation. 



Gefira Financial Bulletin #65 is available now

  • Crusade Against the West
  • Worship of the man of colour
  • Pathological altruism of white women
  • Warning signs in America and Europe

The Crash on Wall Street Will Stop Inflation

The Fed will not save the market this time

The fractals, the repeating structures. The symmetry in time or space. History and the conclusions we draw from it. Mathematics in the price trend. The ignorance towards the history, the price evolution and the experiences of the generations that slowly only belong to our memories. Today’s ignorance of mathematics and its role in the pricing of what we buy every day. The history of the stock market. The prices, their laborious observation, which began in Japan 300 years ago and led to the introduction of derivatives, still foreign to most Europeans. The situation on the stock exchanges, which, as they say, reflects the nearest future in a flash (mainly thanks to the modern algorithms and computerized HFT trading) and only reacts to the coming(!) events now…

Consider the history of the last years and the current situation.

The Fed has been playing into the hands of Wall Street billionaires for years: every time there was a 20% or so drop in stock prices, the helicopter money came in the form of dollars to rescue the assets. This magic 20% of the free fall from all-time highs was supposed to mean the beginning of a bear market for most analysts and economists. If there was turbulence in the stock market, new shiny measures were immediately announced: bonds were bought, interest rates were lowered, money printed out of thin air was pumped into the veins of the banking system. Why such a violent reaction? 55% of the savings of future U.S. retirees are invested in risky assets like stocks, mainly through the 401(k)* program, which is a tax shield for U.S. citizens. That’s why the FED and the U.S. government need to pay close attention to the stock market. Even Alan Greenspan acknowledged that the level of stock indexes determines the level of the economy, not the other way around. If the American retiree gets a statement from his account every month and sees that he has more and more money, he might buy a new car, a cottage in Florida, or at least afford a trip to Vegas. If this is not the case, the demand in the country where consumption is responsible for the 70% of the GDP decreases and the electorate of the party currently in power is lost. Continue reading

64 Gefira: Gurus of the 21 century

Why do people do what they do? Yes, partly they are controlled by their biology: man needs to eat and drink and take care of his body; man is hardwired to perpetuate his species (though nowadays in the world of the white man this instinct seems to be strongly suppressed). What else? What do people do when they have satisfied all or most of their basic biological needs and drives? Yes, people need an idea, a belief, a goal to pursue or else they feel that their existence is incomplete, not well rounded, or even senseless. The world offers many goals. Once it was the spread of a religion: some exerted themselves to disseminate Christianity, others propagated Islam, and so on. Then came the time for other ideas: the Age of Enlightenment, capitalism, socialism, feminism, nationalism, internationalism, conservatism, liberalism, eugenics, racism, anti-racism, national-socialism, Europeism, climate change, and many, many others. Ideologies of all manner proliferated in the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. They all have been dreamt up and put forward by talented? fanatical? deranged? ingenious? imaginative? individuals and then clung to, believed and upheld by the dissatisfied? the frustrated? the neurotic? the obsessed? the do-gooders? the well-wishers? the (useful) idiots? the gullible? and the infantile.

Some look up to Pope Francis, some to Jordan Peterson; some adore Klaus Schwab, others set great store by Bill Gates; there are those who follow the teachings of Altiero Spinelli and those who feel inspired by Elon Musk. Gefira 64 explores the influence of Yuval Noah Harari, a leading authority revered by some – if not the majority – of the elites. In his three books and numerous lectures or interviews Yuval Noah Harari paints a picture of mankind’s nearest future and suggests some of the guidelines for us to follow. Humans, according to Harari, will soon be elevated to the status of gods and will even surpass gods. Informatics technology and biotechnology will merge organic and inorganic matter producing superhumans endowed with hitherto unattainable capabilities. Man may eventually dare to reach for immortality!

Remaining more down to earth, Gefira 64 continues to keep sight of what is happening in Ukraine, drawing a comparison with the Crimean War fought in roughly the same terrain and involving Russia on the one side and the Western powers on the other. The two events offer many similarities for analytical exploration as well as a number of dissimilarities. Inferences can be drawn and forecasts made. Details differ, trends remain.

Finally, we do not forget that it is money that makes the world go round. Our experts draw the reader’s attention to the plans being devised by the left-minded elites of the Western world to strip common citizens of their financial resources and at least part of their property, which is thought to be a remedy for wiping off all of or at least some of the huge amount of debt that all the Western states are burdened with. Under normal, peaceful circumstances such a robbery cannot be successful, but when Europeans and Americans are constantly threatened with ever new crises emerging one after another – financial collapse, floods of immigrants, the pandemic, war in Ukraine – they might feel more ready to accept harsh measures introduced and implemented by their governments.


Gefira Financial Bulletin #64 is available now

  • Yuval Noah Harari – mentor to our elites
  • A new currency law – a tool for our expropriation
  • Crimean and Ukrainian wars – a comparison
  • Stagflation – Horror for Central Banks

BBC: the Unbridled Craze for Equity

Try reading the BBC’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2021-2023”. You really need to have a stomach for it. This forty-page manifesto lays down guidelines and targets that the corporation has pledged to follow and fulfil. They can be succinctly expressed as the 50:20:12 framework, which means that all the staff and leadership positions are to be occupied by 5o% men, 50% women, 20% non-whites and 12% people with disability. Merit need not apply. The BBC is in line with, reflects and aims to implement the whole collective Western leftist ideology which focuses on race, ethnicity, ablism, gender, women empowerment, the empowerment of the people of colour, and the usual string of terms. Words like diverse, diversity and inclusion occurring more than once on each and every page of the document: ad nauseam! All employees taken together and each employee as an individual will – as the text makes clear – enjoy all imaginable support from the corporation and co-workers, experience personal and professional development and promotion of everyone’s talent, aspirations and career. No one is to be left behind, God forbid!

The text is stuffed with a huge amount of newspeak that conveys either meaningless or incomprehensible content. One statement is barely different than any other. It looks as if someone put words like the mentioned diversity, diverse, develop, development, support, promote, promotion and a few others in a mug, shook it and threw those verbal dice to compose subsequent pages of the brochure. Everyone who participated in the creation of this text and everyone paying obeisance to its message should be condemned to reading it from cover to cover. A few times at that, but one such read will certainly be sufficient punishment. Anything, virtually anything – a buzzing fly, a humming mosquito – will easily divert the reader’s attention from the hogwash that is regurgitated in the brochure. Surely, the authors and the advocates of the text cannot be bothered to validate and verify particular statements. They write what they write because it sounds oh so progressive! Consider some of those assertions and declarations:

Is this how the BBC wants to be perceived? (Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2021-2023)

Continue reading

The European Conference on the Future of Europe – the indomitable communists from the Spinelli Group move forward

The European Conference on the Future of Europe was supposed to be a forum where all member countries and all political options could have their say and help shape this future of the EU through debates and meetings. The conference received little attention from the leading media, it remains unknown to most Europeans and was already unrepresentative as such. The ECR (European Conservatives and Reformists Group) recently walked out of the forum, claiming that it was presented as a democratic process, but in fact proved to be a major manipulation through the choice of experts and interpretation of the so-called recommendations of European citizens. The conference only served the purpose of making it seem as if there was no alternative to the slogan: more power to Brussels! The zealous supporter of the conference and the emergence of a denationalised EU juggernaut – Guy Verhofstadt – calls on Twitter for unanimity through a ban on vetoes, creation of transnational lists to the EU Parliament and raising a European army along the lines of Macron’s idea.

Guy Verhofstadt also gave a speech during another conference in March dedicated to the Ventotene Manifesto. The Manifesto, which forms the ideological basis of the EU, was written in 1941 by the Italian communist Altiero Spinelli. Socialists and liberals at the conference demanded the realization of his ideas: the immediate construction of a centralized superstate by abolishing nation states. Smiles lit up the faces of Lenin and Stalin in their graves. For the ECR, however, such leftist ideas about a creeping abolition of national governments and democracy are disgusting, as they are for all freedom-loving people. No wonder they abandoned the conference on the future of Europe.

Altiero Spinelli

The Spinelli Group accuses Poland, Hungary and other countries of interfering with the rule of law. The question arises as to what it is meant by the rule of law. The term appears in Article 2 of the Maastricht Treaty but is nowhere defined in a legally binding way in EU documents. Nevertheless, the Spinelli Group tries to use the rule of law argument against all defiant member states that do not want to follow its manifesto. With some exceptions, such as Germany. Here the eyes are turned, even though in Germany judges are elected by politicians, even though the election of a candidate who was inconvenient for the left-wing, ruling scene as prime minister of Thuringia was reversed by Merkel just like that, quite authoritatively. In Poland, unlike in Germany, elections are not reversed because someone does not please the “elites”. In Poland, unlike Germany, there is no chaos in the elections. Remember the chaos at the last elections in Berlin in 2021: 1600 invalid voting cards were issued, 5000 were not issued at all, 73 polling stations were temporarily closed.

The left wings in the EU do not want to affirm reality, they want to falsify it. They use words like the rule of law, justice, human rights only to impose their totalitarian ideas. Henk Jan van Schothorst, director of the Christian Council International, defined the EU’s efforts to introduce a “global rule of law” in a postmodern EU with newly defined, “new” human rights thus: “Instead of guaranteeing classical civil rights for all, the state would, in the imagination of globalist human rights activists, become an arbiter, implicitly enforcing the rights of certain groups against others: women against the unborn, children against parents, proponents of gender ideology against adherents of the traditional Christian view of humanity, and Muslim immigrants against those who advocate Western values.”

Gefira 63: A Point of No Return

Iraq against Iran, Croatia against Serbia, Ukraine against Russia and a few other purposeless wars: can we not see a pattern? Someone sets one country against another, watches the unfolding conflict from sidelines and derives benefits. Why were the wars purposeless? Because the mentioned wars meant mutual demolition and no palpable gains after the hostilities for either of the parties involved. The parties involved became weakened and more dependent on other actors on the world’s scene. Wars are designed and manufactured. They are designed far away from their theatre. Special agencies, non-governmental organisations, supranational structures, financial institutions if they collaborate, they can orchestrate crises, coups d’état and wars. If they have the media at their disposal – and they do have the media at their disposal – they can with time whip up a given population into a frenzy and make it behave as planned. Psychological techniques of influencing human behaviour are numerous and have been developed for decades.

Think about the campaign aimed at maximizing the profit of the manufacturers of cigarettes. Someone had an idea of enticing women who at that time generally did not smoke. The enticement was simple: why should only men smoke? If you, women, want to be as free and independent as men, you ought to be allowed to do everything men do. Smoking or cigarettes were presented as torches of freedom, That’s it. And it worked despite the fact that smoking was and remains hazardous to anybody’s health.

People exposed to a psychological processing can be programmed to believe in anything and to act on their beliefs. Sure, there will always be some exceptions to the rule, individuals who will see through and refuse to comply, but then no one needs to reckon with them. Besides, such rebellious individuals that refuse to comply make up a tiny minority in any society, are ostracized, marginalized – so they really do not matter.

A war between State A and State B serves the purposes pursued by State C, which pulls the political and financial strings to control the outbreak, duration and cessation of the hostilities. It has always been so and it will remain so till the end of the world. Gefira 63 guides its readers through the meanders of the Moscow-Kiev-London-Washington conflict that is being played out. We trace the origin of the Ukrainian ethnicity and show the mechanisms that produced it. We also point to the possible outcomes of the war which include the partition and disintegration of the country. We demonstrate that ideas have long-lasting consequences, which means that the seeds sown centuries ago bear fruit centuries later. Few thinkers realize which current events will translate into momentous changes in the remote future.


Gefira Financial Bulletin #63 is available now

  • A Point of No Return
  • The Disintegration of Ukraine or the New Drive to the East
  • One hundred thousand twice makes a world of difference
  • Transhumanism, transgenderism, ecologism and the Third Rome

Quo vadis, Europa?

Is this the European Union that we have dreamt of? Is this the European Union that we have been tempted with? A united continent, with no borders, a continent blessed with peace and fraternity, with the well-being of its residents, blessed with the preservation of everything that singles the continent out from the rest of the world? As it is, European values transpired as the values that are not shared by the overwhelming majority of Europeans. These are same-sex marriages, gender mainstreaming, extirpation of all traditional values and mass immigration that increasingly changes the racial make-up of the European population and – what necessarily follows – the continent’s culture.

Up to very recently it was the Western part of Europe – the so-called old Union – that was subjected to the programmed and systematic influx of peoples from the Third World. The new members of the union – especially Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary – resisted the policy of mass immigration, running afoul of the Brussels’ commissioners and ruffling a few feathers among Western intellectuals. The year 2015 – that notorious year during which Germany is believed to have accepted between 800.000 and 1,200.000 arrivals – made the blood of Eastern Europeans run cold. They wanted to mingle with the French, the British, the Italians or the Germans, but were totally unprepared to regard the Afghanis or Somalis as new Europeans! The cultural, religious, mental gap was far too large to be bridged as was the pace with which those ethnic changes were effected! It did not go unnoticed either that Third World immigrants were clearly used as a weapon: a look at Turkey’s policy said it all. Also, the acceptance of tens of thousands of Third World immigrants was perceived by both Western and Eastern Europeans as mere virtue signalling and – in the case of the new member-states – as a sign of their submission the Brussels (Paris and Berlin). Add to this the indiscriminate procedure of letting foreigners into European countries: there was no way of screening the masses of arrivals whether they contained common criminals, mafiosi, terrorists and the like. Continue reading

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