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A gaping chasm

“A great chasm has been set in place” between the collective West and Russia, a mutually unbridgeable chasm. President Vladimir Putin’s words addressed to Plenary session of the World Russian People’s Council (November 28, 2023) illustrate this chasm exceedingly well. In his speech President Putin said among others what follows:

Russia is fighting in Ukraine “not just for Russia’s freedom but for the freedom of the whole world”, against the dictatorship of one hegemon. In this struggle, Russia is blocking “the way of those who aspired to world domination and exceptionalism.” Most of the world understands it.

Russians make up a “large Russian nation, a triune of Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians.”

Russia is “faced with the daunting task of developing vast areas from the Pacific to the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.” To this end Russia needs to preserve and increase its population, which is a “goal for the coming decades and even generations ahead. This is the future of the Russian world, the millennium-old, eternal Russia.” This task can only be executed through large families that “become the norm, a way of life for all Russia’s peoples” because the “family is not just the foundation of the state and society, it is a spiritual phenomenon, a source of morality.” This daunting demographic challenge cannot be responded to “solely with money, social benefits, allowances, privileges, or dedicated programmes” because it is a “person’s points of reference in life matter more. Love, trust, and a solid moral foundation are what the family and the birth of a child are built on.” Which is also why

though “the Church is separate from the state […] the Church cannot be separated from society or from people.” Emphasis must be put on the “importance of the participation of representatives of all traditional Russian religions in the education and upbringing of our youth, and […] in the consolidation of spiritual, moral, and family values.”

Russia is a continuity and a total of “Ancient Rus, the Tsardom of Muscovy, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and modern Russia.” 

A great chasm, indeed. Rather than inviting and promoting immigration, the Russian leader calls on his people to “be fruitful and multiply [and] populate the earth abundantly”; rather than promoting patch-work, or single-mother families, or same-sex marriages, the Russian leader encourages the revival of the traditional multi-child family; rather than promoting secularism, the Russian president stresses the importance of religion; rather than promoting cancel culture, Vladimir Putin holds in high regard historical continuity.

Of note are Vladimir Putin’s words heralding and lauding Russia as a freedom fighter for the whole world or at least its majority i.e. the countries that do not make up, roughly, the G7 mutual admiration society. These words are reminiscent of the roles that both the Soviet Union and imperial Russia played while liberating Europe from, respectively, Hitler’s and Napoleon’s yokes. Notable is also the description of Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians as a triune large nation, words that act like a red rag to the Western bull(y).

Indeed, Russia is everything that the collective West is not, the collective West is everything that Russia is not. A deep chasm is gaping, an unbridgeable chasm, such that does not allow either of the opponents to even understand the opposing party. A civilizational rift.


Irish courage

On November 27 this year, The Irish National Party (An Páirtí Náisiúnta) made a statement in defence of the Irish nationality, against the uncontrollable, mass influx of foreigners. The statement denounces the “contemptible, bought-up political establishment” that is pursuing a policy of open borders and stepwise makes the Irish to become a minority in their own country. The statement expresses the concern of the National Party over the future of Irish identity and the survival of the Irish people. It calls the listener’s attention to the disastrous consequences caused by large numbers of foreigners in housing, employment, education and medical care. It condemns this ongoing deluge that is obviously encouraged and promoted by the treacherous elites. Much of the statement is devoted to rising crime as a result of the influx of aliens.

So far, so good. The Irish, just as any other nationality, have the right to protect themselves against the influx of foreigners. If the human rights that are quoted on every occasion are to be regarded with the seriousness that they deserve, then any national community ought to be prevented from being diluted by a huge admixture of foreigners.

Also, the foreigners, the aliens, the immigrants – you name them – ought to behave with proper restraint. Surely, they wouldn’t like to have their countries changed by mass immigration; undoubtedly, they wouldn’t like to have to accommodate foreigners and provide for them; undeniably, they wouldn’t be happy about becoming a minority in their own countries. Why, then, do they inflict that calamity on others? 

Because there is no such thing as human rights: we only have the right of the strong over the weak, and the right of the sly over the meek. Since the Western governments keep promoting immigration to their own countries, since they tolerate the everyday influx of foreigners and continue to take full care of them, the other ethnicities simply take advantage of it. They must think of the Western nations in terms of – forgive the word – being suckers.

For all that, if the foreigners were honourable people, they would not impose themselves on other ethnicities. They know it full well that they are not welcome by the common people, they know it full well that they only live off the fat of the land because the treacherous elites of Western nations think it right to exploit their own people and redistribute the wealth produced by them to immigrants. Sadly, as said above, there are no human rights: given an opportunity to make a killing, man will make a killing.

With all compassion and due understanding, the statement delivered by the National Party reveals more than it says. While discussing the consequences of the influx of foreigners, there is only one ethnicity that is named – three times – and these are Ukrainians. It is hard to believe that the National Party is so much upset about the arrival of Ukrainians. Ukrainians are white, European, (post-)Christian and – just as all Slavs – have a deep inferiority complex towards the West and everything Western, so this complex will drive them to go out of their way to assimilate and integrate themselves with the Irish nation. It is obvious that it is not the Ukrainians whose presence in Ireland is resented by the National Party: it is the Third Worlders that are not welcome, and rightly so. Why then does the statement of the National Party not mention them?

The Irish patriots have only so much courage as to point a finger at other Europeans.

The real background to the dispute between China and the USA

It is not about politics. It’s not about the eternal struggle between Chinese pseudo-communism (with the capitalist tinge) and American pseudo-capitalism (with the neo-Marxist face). It’s all about raw materials and semiconductors.

Last week, a meeting took place between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Among other things, it was agreed that contacts between the US military and the Middle Kingdom should be resumed.

It should be remembered that the military dialog was broken off following the visit of Nancy Pelosi (then Speaker of the House of Representatives) to Taiwan at the beginning of August last year. This was the first visit by such a senior US politician to Taiwan in 25 years. China protested strongly against the visit and even threatened the US with a military response. Well, Biden’s team has always behaved like a bull in a china shop when it comes to diplomacy (see the flight of US soldiers from Afghanistan and their approach to Russia).

Although a few gestures are now being made after the meeting between Xi and Biden that could indicate a de-escalation in mutual relations, the war on the semiconductor front continues. In the middle of the year, for example, China decided to restrict exports of gallium and germanium, two important raw materials for the semiconductor industry. This was in response to the American decision to deny China access to the equipment needed for chip production. Incidentally, China is the world’s leading producer of gallium and germanium. The Middle Kingdom controls no less than 98% of the supply of gallium and 68% of the supply of germanium.

In October, Joe Biden’s administration announced that the United States would shorten the list of semiconductor types that US companies are allowed to sell to China. With this move, Washington wanted to further cut off Beijing from chips, which triggered an immediate reaction in the Middle Kingdom. This time, however, China decided to strike on a different front by announcing a restriction on the export of graphite, a raw material that is essential for the production of batteries for electric vehicles, among other things. It is worth remembering that China controls 2/3 of the world’s graphite supply. This raw material is the largest component of electric car batteries by weight. Each vehicle contains an average of 50 to even 100 kg of graphite. That is about twice as much as lithium, the processing of which is also controlled by the Chinese worldwide.


Since many of the raw materials that are indispensable for the green revolution preached by Western decision-makers are mined in Africa, China has been focusing on colonizing the Dark Continent with the help of cheap loans and direct investments since the New Silk Road initiative began in 2013. The regimes of black dictators are happy to go into debt to their Chinese friends because they don’t talk about human rights and environmental protection. Meanwhile, Americans are investing billions in AI and high-tech, which cannot function without Asian and African raw materials. They disregard the potential collapse of supply chains that has been underway since the start of this trade war and which the Chinese can exploit as a weapon.

Gefira 78: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Yes, something is rotten. Not in the state of Denmark – as Shakespeare’s Hamlet is known to have said – but everywhere in the white man’s world. Yes, we are enjoying advanced stages of sophisticated technology, but everything apart from it is spiraling downwards. Indeed, technology itself can one of these days become our own undoing.

To see the state of the affairs it is best to take a few steps back: to relocate to fifty-seventy years ago. Only then will we be able to see both the huge changes and the distinct trends. What was the white man’s world like fifty-seventy years back?

Well, families were families (a man and a woman and a bunch of children); churches were relatively full, decency was abided by, so there were no parades with mocked copulations between the same sexes; children were protected against anything having to do with sex (let alone homosexuality); men were masculine while women were feminine (or at least such was the ideal, the model); the French were the French while the Italians were the Italians and no one would think that yesterday’s Nigerian or Somali can be today’s Englishman or German; abortion, even if practised, was not propagated while euthanasia was not considered yet, at least on a large scale; no one was discouraged from eating meat or travelling by car; the natural environment was appreciated but not venerated or worshipped; ministers (especially ministers of defence), prime ministers, presidents were male rather than young female models and they were not berated by a teenager girl; terms like stakeholder capitalism, migrations (except for bird migrations), Europeans of African origin or black Europeans, cancel culture, black lives matter, lockdown, ableism, systemic racism, gender reassignment, gender mainstreaming, man-made climate change, de-growth, parent A/parent B, neutral personal pronouns, and so on, and so forth were not known; British, French, German, Swedish etc. towns and cities were governed by white, Christian British, French, German, Swedish etc. men, sometimes women; children were not taken away from their parents under fancy pretexts; no one was obliged to wear safety belts while driving or helmets while cycling; historical white characters in the movies were impersonated by white actors and actresses and nobody would have elected a black woman Miss Ireland or Miss England; there were no streams of “refugees” entering a white man’s country when they pleased; the pope (the head of the Catholic Church) did not preach environmentalism; tattoos were worn by inmates of prisons and even then they did not cover most of the skin area as it happens nowadays; not even homeless beggars would have worn tattered trousers; you could say most of the things without fear of being ostracized or prosecuted; the canons of beauty, truth and goodness were commonly recognized as right and worthy of striving for; younger generations would have looked up to older generations rather than the other way round; shame and decency were some of the virtues imbibed at an early age; single mothers, divorce and the practice of couples living without being married were rare…

…all of this is gone, subverted, inverted, turned upside down and inside out almost without anybody’s noticing, anybody’s protesting. Indeed, not even the French (1789) or the Bolshevik (1917) revolutions wreaked such havoc with the civilization as existing in the respective years.


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Pushkin or how to cover up a feeling of impotence

The Kyiv Independent proudly reports that another Ukrainian monument to Alexander Pushkin, this time in Ukraine’s capital, has been dismantled, following the demolition of similar monuments in the towns of Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Ternopil. Obviously, that’s one of the many victories that Ukraine has pulled off during the war against Russia. Monuments to Alexander Pushkin are regarded as a sign of Russian colonization. The term “Russian colonization” has been coined in the West as has the practice of dismantling monuments. But then hang on for a moment: if Russia colonized Ukraine (which is absurd, see below), then what right does the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have to occupy the territories that they occupy? They had better pack up and leave.

At the time when Alexander Pushkin lived and worked there was hardly any notion of Ukraine as a region, still less of Ukrainians as a nation. The territories of present-day Ukraine were known as Little Russia (Russia!) while the slightly different Russian speech was viewed just as a Russian dialect. Yes, Russian has dialects just as English or German or French do. 

Russia’s territories centered around Moscow are to the territories centered around Kiev like the German territories centered around Berlin to those located along the Rhine or at the foot of the Alps. Russia was born in Kiev, but then due to historical developments like the invasion of Tartars (Mongols) and the annexation of its westernmost territories by Lithuania and Poland, Russia’s centre of authority moved to the town of Moscow (later also for approximately two centuries to St Petersburg). Nothing out of the usual: neither Berlin used to be Germany’s capital from the get-go. Before it became Germany’s capital (as late as 1871) it was the capital of the German state of Prussia. A note of interest here: before becoming the capital of Prussia and eventually of Germany, Berlin was a… Slavic city, founded by Western Slavs and inhabited by them for a couple of centuries in the Middle Ages. Consider the pronunciation of the Slavic name of Berlin with it stress and the final syllable, quite unlike is the case with town or village names of Germanic origin. Proof enough that Germans are colonizers of the territories east of the Elbe, are they not? 

If such is the case – and it is so, if we apply the same yardstick to Germany as we apply to Russia – then the monument to Frederick the great and Bismarck and, and, and… that are located in Berlin ought to be dismantled! Down with colonizers! Why should the rule apply to Ukraine/Russia alone? Why should it apply selectively?

Alexander Pushkin authored an epic poem Poltava, which by means of historical characters tells a love-story between Ukrainian military leader (hetman, derived from the German word Hauptman meaning captain) Ivan Mazepa and a Russian woman. The Ukrainian chieftain (both the protagonist of the story and the real historical figure) goes on to betray the Russian tsar and fights on the side of the Swedish king, suffering a defeat together with him at the battle of Poltava, 1709 (hence the title of the poem). By the way, George Gordon Byron picked the same protagonist and historical figure of Ivan Mazepa in his narrative poem Mazeppa, where, however, the Ukrainian military leader falls in love with a Polish noblewoman and betrays the Polish king. The fact that Alexander Pushkin depicted Ivan Mazepa as a traitor to Russia (which clearly means that Pushkin regarded Mazepa and other Ukrainians as Russians) might partly explain the hatred that some Ukrainians feel towards the poet. For all that, Alexander Pushkin modelled vast swaths of his text on Ukrainian folk poems, so Ukrainians might think twice before tearing down a monument to him.

To Russians is the figure of Mazepa an example of high treason, repeated more than a hundred years later by Soviet General Andrey Vlasov, who fought along with the Third Reich against the Soviet Union, and was caught and executed after the war.

But back to the dismantling of the monument(s). It is not only Pushkin that has been ravaged. Other historical figures commemorated as monuments or in plaques across Ukraine (Little Russia) have also fallen prey to this practice. It is to be expected that the less successful Ukrainians are on the battlefield, the more monuments to Russian “colonizers” are going to be done away with. What do psychologists call this phenomenon? Is it not compensation, i.e. “a strategy whereby one covers up, consciously or unconsciously, weaknesses, frustrations, desires, or feelings of inadequacy or incompetence in one life area through the gratification or (drive towards) excellence in another area”?

Good comeuppance!

A couple of days ago four Polish deputies to the European Parliament – Beata Kempa, Beata Mazurek, Patryk Jaki and Tomasz Poręba – had their immunity lifted, which was a requirement to put them on trial. Why does the European Union want the four Polish deputies to be put on trial? Why, the European Union does not like the party that had been governing Poland before the latest parliamentary elections and so the EU’s managers were oh too pleased to take a stab at the “nationalistic” party that happened to hold the reigns of power in Poland. What did the four deputies do to deserve being prosecuted? Did they kill, steal, rob, forge money, blackmail, rape…? Well, five years ago they dared to press the I-like-it button on one of the social media presenting an election spot of their party. What did the election spot show? The election spot warned of mass immigration to Poland of the people from the Third World, which could happen if the opposition party were to win the elections.

To sum up: the four deputies lost their immunity and are likely to be prosecuted by the European Union because they liked a spot run by a party that is one of the many legal parties operating within the European Union. What is the charge? Yes, you guessed it right: hate speech, or something to that tune.

Yes, there are many, MANY Europeans, especially in the Western part of the Union, who approve of the step taken by the European parliament. Those Europeans have been programmed all their lives to think that anything that diverges from the point of view accepted by the mass media is evil: fascist, Nazi, racialist, you name it. Yet, people with brains formatted by the dominant ideology of the Western world (which includes the European Union) should be reminded of an observation made by the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the social-democrats, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a social-democrat.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Sadly, they most probably could not be bothered to consider these words. They need to learn them the hard way.

As for the four prosecuted deputies – Beata Kempa, Beata Mazurek, Patryk Jaki and Tomasz Poręba – good comeuppance! They all desperately wanted Poland to be joined to the European Union and most probably regarded opponents of Poland’s membership as “enemies of the people”. They wanted so badly to be part of the European Union that they themselves did all they could to become EU deputies. Now, of course, they might have second thoughts but… far be it from them to call for Polexit! They will call for rectifying the European Union, they are highly likely to use phrases like “Yes to the EU, no to EU’s malpractices!” or “Let us put a human face on the EU!” They will not need to invent those phrases: they have them at their disposal in the vocabulary inventory of the former Polish United Workers’ Party – the socialist (or communist, if you will) party that ruled Poland in the years 1944-1989. As it soon turned out that socialism did not work as it had been promised, Polish socialists went to great lengths to explain why. Why did socialism not work? Ah, because some individuals abused their positions of power, because some individuals distorted the noble ideals of socialism, because some individuals… but socialism as such was to be regarded as the bright future with no alternative. those socialists came up with the phrases to be chanted by the masses of people: “Yes to socialism! No to malpractices!” “Socialism needs a human face!”

Now the same is going to happen in relation to the idea of the European Union. It is the only bright future for the Old Continent with absolutely no alternative, and the wrong things are just distortions, malpractice, faults of individuals in positions of power, and so on, and so forth. So the world goes.

Chat Control 2.0 – big brother sees you

These days, almost everyone uses email or instant messaging applications such as Messenger. But have you ever wondered whether you would enjoy using these applications as much if you knew that every message or photo you send is being monitored?

This is exactly what the European Commission’s Chat Control 2.0 law is all about – in practice, the end of privacy when sending messages via email, SMS or uploading content to cloud storage services. Applications that offer encrypted messaging, such as WhatsApp or Signal, would also be controlled. Signal has already announced that it will leave Europe if this happens. The European Union’s proposal violates human rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and also the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. As always, lofty aims such as protecting young people, combating child pornography etc. are intended to disguise the real aim – total control.

At this stage, it looks as if a number of countries, including Germany, Austria, Poland and Estonia, are clearly opposed to the controversial bill. The problem, however, is that the bill has not been rejected, only its vote postponed. It is very likely that the bill (at least in a somewhat abridged version) will eventually be adopted. If this is the case, it will be possible to develop this law “quietly” over the coming years, and such changes will slowly and quietly begin to invade our privacy.

The European Union, which should offer its citizens a better standard of living, freedom and democracy, is slowly turning into a police state that wants full access to our private conversations and photos. As if surveillance by officials should make children safe!

This raises a question: should the Union be addressing these issues at all? Did the people who once voted in favour of joining the EU, for example in Central and Eastern Europe, approve the abolition of privacy?

Forward presence

How they love coining new phrases! Planned parenthood, pro-life, pro-choice, women empowerment, migrations, Euroscepticism, Anti-Europeanism, MAID (medical assistance in dying)… They all serve the purpose of painting white black and the other way round.

Planned parenthood is a code name for abortion on demand. The terms pro-life and pro-choice have been designed to remove a black-and-white distinction (good versus evil) and replace it with two positive choices. What a sleight of hand! Women empowerment is another word for disapproval of manhood and the role of men in society. Migrations obscure the fact that we are dealing with IM-migrations (of the Third World people into the white man’s world). The term Euroscepticism enfeebles the attitude that is antagonistic (not sceptic) towards the idea of uniting the Old Continent while the term Anti-Europeanism mendaciously suggests that there are weird Europeans who do not like themselves… through not liking the European Union! MAID is a contortion of the understanding of the word assist (with synonyms like help, support, save): it does not stand for saving, helping or supporting but for… putting an end to someone’s life! The association with the common word maid – a girl, a woman, who serves (but does not terminate the life of) the sick, the needy, the weak, the dying – has been hijacked and made to serve an entirely opposite purpose: the purpose of helping and advising someone how to die. One feels tempted to quote a poet who wrote:

One of these days when I die,

I won’t be expecting your help,

nor will I need your advice:

I’m sure I can do it myself.

(Władysław Broniewski)

Have you heard about such terms as forward presence and framework nation? Take forward presence. How does that term differ from the ordinary word presence? Maybe the difference is like that between democracy (i.e. the rule of the people) and people’s democracy (i.e. the people’s rule of the people). That’s at least the way the socialists or communists in eastern Europe before 1989 referred to the political systems that they had created and ran, and that’s the way they wanted to stress the difference between their system and that of the so called Western democracies. Forward presence in turn is a term coined by NATO masterminds who indicate with it a stronger (or enhanced, as they love to say) presence of the alliance’s troops in Eastern Europe, within the borders of the alliance’s eastern members. But why should this presence be called forward rather than eastern? 

This forward presence is divided into a number of battlegroups made up of contingents from the host nation (the one where a battlegroup is deployed), contributing nations (those whose troops are deployed to the host nation) and a framework nation, which appears to be the nation in charge of a battlegropup. Why can’t a framework nation be referred to as simply a nation in charge or a leading nation or a commanding nation, i.e. why can’t a framework nation be known by the term that actually corresponds to reality? Host nations are those eastern countries that are closest to Russia, while framework nations are (apart from Czechia and Hungary) the countries of the old NATO, western European countries along with the United States and Canada. Obviously, Germany or France or the United Kingdom as framework nations by sheer economic, financial and military clout occupy political high ground: the host and contributing nations can only comply with what the framework nations decide. Not that the eastern European nations have anything against this subordination: with their deep-seated inferiority complex towards the West, submission comes naturally.

So, why the term forward presence rather than deployment of NATO troops as close to Russia as possible? Precisely for the purpose of concealing the fact of this (enhanced) deployment. The troops are not hostile, nor are they deployed: they are merely forward present. Were the Soviet missiles in 1962 also forward present in Cuba? What a pity this term did not have currency then. Imagine the then CIA director notifying the president of the United States of the (enhanced) forward presence of the missiles and military advisors from the framework nation of the USSR in the host nation of Cuba! JFK would have had a hard nut to crack, or would he? Something tells us that the CIA director did not mince words then; something tells us that the CIA director would have informed the president in no uncertain terms about the military threat and would have urged the resident to take action.

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