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Will Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup fuel calls for protectionism?

Football (soccer for the Americans) is nothing short of a religion in Italy. In a country where churches are now often empty, support for a football club is often called “faith”. Intellectuals would sometimes complain that Italians care more about the sport than the political situation of the country, going back to the old Roman tradition that the “plebs” care only about “panem et circenses”, bread and games.

For the first time since 1958 however, Italy won’t be taking part in the “games”, giving Italians something to think about. Eliminated by the Swedish national team, Italy won’t join the final phase of the World Cup competition to be held in the summer of 2018 in Russia.

A national tragedy and a significant economic damage: according to an analysis,while the qualification to the final phase grants $1.5 million to the team, in case of reaching at least the quarter finals, those would become 18, escalating in case of semifinal or final. For the Italian federation, income from commercial deals is approximately $43 million, including an $18 million deal with sports clothes brand Puma; the whole sum rises to $70 million a year with television deals. Now that Italy is “out” however, a devaluation of the brand is expected, though hard to quantify. Continue reading

The EU “values” fit Poland like the saddle fits a cow

“We want God”, “Great Independent Poland,” “Death to the Enemies of the Fatherland!” “Christ is Poland’s King”, “Deus vult” (Latin for God wills, a battle cry of the Crusaders)these are the principal banners carried in the annual Independence March that is held in Warsaw and also in other cities on 11 November, Independence Day. Also in the one two days ago. At the head of the marching column you could see a few white flags sporting the red Jerusalem cross. Tens of thousands of people, waving tens of thousands of white-and-red national flags young and old, of all walks of life, with whole families take to the streets. The people participating in the march think of themselves as patriots (the word which in Poland still has positive overtones) paying tribute to the fallen heroes. To the western media these are Nazis, racists, anti-semites and islamophobes. An abomination for the European Union.

What has positive overtones in Poland (patriotism, faith, family), has negative ones in Western Europe and the other way round. Migrants, LGTBQ and gender mainstreaming is not welcome in the area between the Oder and Bug Rivers. The EU values cannot be farther from Poland’s values and vice versa. The Independence March denigrated by the Western media was favourably covered by the Polish government and other national media, except for those which are far to the left and very much pro-European. The former shored up the positive aspects of the event, the latter only looked for incidents to blow them out of any proportion and join the chorus of their western counterparts in condemning “fascists” and “white supremacists”. Continue reading

The split personality of the Russian soul: Moscow and Kiev

All nations can be made to suffer from disturbed or split personality and then they are unhappy after their own fashion, toys in the hands of the powers that be.

All healthy nations are alike, but an unhealthy nation is unhealthy after its own fashion. This paraphrase of the opening sentence from Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina neatly serves the purpose of analyzing the Ukrainian soul, a soul that has dissociative identity disorder. A transgender man has an identity disturbance in that he thinks or feels he was born a woman and other females are not his sexual partners. The same is true of peoples. A Ukrainian thinks or feels he is not Russian and, consequently, that Russians are not his brothers. A transgender man physically looks like a man and still thinks he is not a male; a Ukrainian speaks Russian, professes Orthodox Christianity, writes Cyrillic and still says he is anything but.

We from such European countries as Poland, France or Germany may ask ourselves, what is the origin of the Ukrainian state? What is the origin of the Russian state? Ukrainian and Russian children learn about the same beginnings of their respective countries, read stories about Rurik, Oleg and Olga, Vladimir the Great and Yaroslav the Wise. Polish and Czech, French and Spanish, British and Norwegian children do not learn that their respective nations share the same origin whereas Ukrainian and Russian children do. Kiev is regarded as the mother of Russian cities. True, there was a time when the Russian vast lands were split into a number of principalities, but then Italian, Polish, and German were too. Continue reading

Fact Checking the fact-checkers: a case of intellectual dishonesty

The Western globalist elites’ current strategy to deal with dissent is to accuse anyone that disagrees with their worldview of falling victim to “fake news”, possibly from Russia. That is the reason why they have put in an effort to scrutinize statements of populist politicians in the hope of proving to the Western populace that they are wrong and only Western globalists have a monopoly on truth. The attempt is nothing more than a totalitarian tilt at basic freedoms by the self-professed liberal elites, who now show a strong distaste for diverging opinions in politics.

We have recently stumbled across an article on fact-checking and fake news by Oscar Barrera, Sergei Guriev, Emeric Henry and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya published on the Center for Economic Policy Research portal.The article picked a quote by “populist” French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, where she claimed that 99% of the illegal immigrants coming to Germany through Hungary etc. were men. The counter claim by the “fact-checkers” was that “statistics from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, (…) reported that men accounted only for 58% of refugees crossing the Mediterranean in 2015″. The article goes on to claim that Marine Le Pen used “alternative facts” that should be exposed as false; the authors further deplored that voters do not change their mind after fact-checking. Continue reading

Scientists look for a cure against politically undesirable behaviour

The ‘Free World’ has taken on where the Soviet scientists and psychiatrists left off. German and American scientists of renowned Universities in Bonn and Lübeck do research on treatment for politically undesirable behaviour like their Soviet colleagues from the infamous Serbsky Central Research Institute in Moscow. In the Soviet Union people who protested the system had to undergo psychiatric treatment. Vladimir Bukovsky, a world-known dissident survived one and described it.The same will be the fate of the so called Free World’s citizens if they fail to conform to the idea of a multi-cultural society. The powers that be have given a signal, and obliging, complaisant scientists are already busy working on bettering our collective and individual psyche. Apart from homophobia and Islamophobia, xenophobia is another psychiatric condition that needs to undergo therapy. Hormonal therapy.
Continue reading

Putin’s revenge for the humiliation suffered from Dutch Deputy Minister Ollongren

The Russian government threatened to close its airspace to all Dutch air traffic seems more than a dispute over landing rights at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Despite the fact, the Netherlands is Russia’s No. 1 trade partner in Europe In 2013, Amsterdam pulled out all the stops to humiliate Russian President Vladimir Putin. Rainbow flags were flown at half-mast, the canals were crowded with rafts, and thousands of protesters came out, waving provocative signs. The city’s mayor, Eberhard van der Laan, was too busy to welcome Vladimir Putin himself, signalling that the Russian president was a person of no significance. Instead, he sent lesbian Deputy Mayor Kajsa Ollongren to meet the Russian delegation. She told Euronews, “We have a large gay community in Amsterdam, and we want to make sure that in our city everybody can live the way they want and be whoever they are, and we want to make sure that everybody in the world knows that.” Amsterdam’s city council felt it must tell Mr Putin that they did not agree with the Russian law that prohibited “gay propaganda” to minors. Whatever one may think of the Russian policy or the LGBTQ community, Mrs Ollongren and Mr van der Laan, both not elected representatives of Amsterdam, gave Mr Putin the most disrespectful and humiliating reception in his career. Knowing Mr Putin’s style of governing and his remarkable patience, you could be certain that he would retaliate at the moment that suited the Russians best while the Dutch least expected it. Continue reading

Why the Catalan independence movement is failing

The Catalan fight for independence is not how conflicts are fought throughout history, let alone how they are won. Some movements for national independence have succeeded in history, others have not. Presently, it seems that the Catalan bid is destined to fail. Maybe in the future Catalans will change their strategy and achieve their goal, but at the moment of writing the Catalan independence movement can be described as a storm in a teacup.

We therefore looked at what worked in the past and is missing right now, or what clearly is not working. Continue reading

The US is in no position to win a war on the Korean peninsula

The current US society is internally extremely divided, it will be hard to unite the nation behind the flag in a new large-scale military conflict in the Korean Peninsula. The militarily advanced adversary and a problematic US domestic social and political situation limit the president’s possibilities to lead the nation into another full-scale war.

The tension between the US and North Korea has increased dramatically over the last couple of months, but , as we see it, the war with North Korea is highly unlikely. The Chinese have announced that they will not accept a Libya-style forced overthrow of the North Korean government. A military conflict in the Korean Peninsula will draw China and possibly Russia into it. Hostilities in the South China Sea will come at a significant cost to all parties involved. America’s adversary on the Korean Peninsula cannot be compared to Afghanistan, Libya or Iraq.

We compared the military strength of the United States and China: Continue reading

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Gefira-Bulletin #17

Although Europe still remains one of the wealthiest and best-organized regions of the globe, there are visible political and economic cracks.


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Although Europe still remains one of the wealthiest and best-organized regions of the globe, there are visible political and economic cracks. The disintegration of the European Union is inevitable; France and Germany, once the leading nations, are themselves in full decay. While the Germans saw themselves holding the high moral ground by letting in one million Africans and Asians, their Eastern neighbours in particular watched in horror, so much so that their opinion was not sought. In this Gefira we take a closer look at the events as they are unfolding now. Europe, driven by a suicidal ideology which, to top it all, is implemented by a weak leadership, is heading for a geopolitical, demographic and economic crisis. Tension is building up not only along the continent’s borders but also in European nations, leading up to secession movements inside the Union (Brexit) and inside individual EU member countries (Scotland and Catalonia). In order to defuse the euro crisis, the new French president wants to further EU integration while more and more Europeans are losing faith in Brussels’ bureaucracy and its failed leadership. Read more subscribe:

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The disintegration of the West: Europe
European politicians are not willing to fix the euro
The replacement migration that nobody is allowed to talk about

Europe has too many conflicts that can descend into chaos
Will the yuan win the currency war?
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Russian hydro energy

Gefira-Bulletin #16

The decline of the social, economic and political situation in the United States will accelerate under Donald Trump’s term.


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The decline of the social, economic and political situation in the United States will
accelerate under Donald Trump’s term. The mainstream media are portraying his administration
as a disaster and accusing him of destroying America’s standing in the
world by moves such as withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement. The truth is
that Trump’s presidency and the attendant political turmoil are the symptoms of a decaying
nation rather than the cause, it merely proves that the American people have
had enough of the Washington government and it shows their deep distrust of the
American mainstream media. Donald Trump too, is a part of the establishment, so it
came as no surprise that Steve Bannon and his “populist” platform (that won him the
presidency) was removed from the White House and the President embraced the military
complex (that nobody voted for) represented by the likes of John Kelly, H.R. Mc-
Master and John Mattis. His base starts to crack as they burn the “Let’s Make America
Great Again“ cap as a symbol of protest on Twitter and high profile supporters such as
Ann Coulter turn against his policy.
With the removal of Steve Bannon the US will continue its usual policy, which means
that its public debt will increase indefinitely. The fight between the media and the
White House is a distraction from the real problems: Trump’s budget can only work if
tax revenue is twice as much as it is now, a doubling of social security spending while
military spending increases, to wit 50%. The US will try to continue its so called “preponderance”
military strategy as we will explain. Even if the Trump administration is
able to build a wall between Mexico and the US, mass-migration has to continue to
create 5% economic growth.

Gefira 16 Content

The Trump deception
Trump’s budget doubles social security spending and taxes.
Smoke and mirrors.

The state of the Nation: united we stand, divided we fall
The endgame

The dollar
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