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Populism vs Mobilization

Populations grow despite the best efforts of abortionists. Even a cursory look reveals that abortions routinely only take place in high income countries. Populism occurs where people express its dissenting voice i.e. vox populi and mobilization is where the underclass is organized to dissent (protest) against its elites.

From an elitist point of view the age-old question is always how to manage the underclasses. It can be compared to a CEO managing the company night watchman or an African King his herdsman. In an organized structure these managerial techniques are generally successful because the manager is ahead of the curve, while with respect to populism or mobilization, it is behind the curve.

Generally speaking a company manager is subtly reminded on a daily basis of the performance of low level employees and the same holds good for the African King. When referring to “elites”, it becomes obvious (by their very actions) that they are so far removed from reality that all control is essentially lost. The elitist lifestyle becomes decadent to the extent that they don’t care what their underclasses do and are always surprised by those “deplorable populists” and their mobilization.

The reaction of the elites to these “uprisings” differ with respect to whether it is populist or mobilized. In high-income America they become viciously anti-populists while in communist China they exert MORE control.

Violence against high-income country populists is also visible in Francewhile almost no action is taken in low-income (communist) South Africa against xenophobiawhere the elitesare also attempting to improve measures of control (such as to reduce unproductive protests against municipal service deliveries).

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A Citizen’s Snapshot of South Africa, September 2019

Despite being a second-class citizen in South Africa,I may still express my opinionin a country that has declared itself a democracy.This article is therefore written in the context of “Fair-Discrimination”meaning that I am not allowed to discriminate against any person of colour, but that any person of colour may discriminate against me for the content of this (white) article (even if it is published in a different country – in which case I should use a pseudonym).

South Africa, a country with roughly the size of Texas and a population of less than 60 million people, has 9 provinces and eleven official languages. There are two main cities, one of which is Cape Town – the seat of parliament, and Pretoria – the seat of the government and home to the diplomatic corps. Besides, Johannesburg is the business and Durban the harbour city. Cape Town is also home to hi-tech because of the juncture of undersea cable connections and a preferred destination for royal elites who are attracted by its mild Mediterranean climate. Unfortunately though, Cape Town is also the world’s murder capital. That this would affect the economy is no surprise.
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Song Hongbing’s “Currency Wars” – a review

A revolutionary book from China, where it became a bestseller and is hushed up in Europe for (un)known reasons

Did you know that the FED is actually a private bank and still has the right to issue dollars? Did you know that for over 200 years private bankers have been controlling inflation and deflation, causing crises and even determining world history? Or do you really believe that history is a chaotic process, a melting pot of coincidences, independent decisions by politicians, insane ideologies and carefully planned strategies? Consider the crises in South Korea (1997), Argentina (1998-2002), Greece (2009) and many others in modern world history. Who did the citizens of the affected countries blame for the crisis? Not only their government, but also the international bankers, for whom the governments of the countries affected by the crisis were only a springboard. Would you like to know how these bankers manage to be so powerful and control demand for money almost everywhere in the world and thus control societies? It’s not that complicated and you don’t have to know anything about the economy: just read “Currency Wars” by Song Hongbing.

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Gefira-Bulletin #36 China: Political and historical overview

The holidays are over, so to compensate for that we are taking our readers on an exotic journey to China. The unipolar world is making place for a di- or multipolar one. The Soviet Union is gone, but the Russian military might is not; the United States is the world’s largest economy, but China is pretty close behind and the gap is narrowing with every year. The BRICS initiative may have failed, but the cooperation between Beijing and Moscow poses a challenge that Washington cannot denounce as insignificant. Especially the attempt to dedollarize the international trade. Politicians and analysts are increasingly talking about the Thucydides trap, which is a theory about a ruling and rising powers. The power that is threatened with being dislodged from its dominant position has no choice but to respond. The response may take the form of a relatively mild commercial or diplomatic clash with the aspiring state, failing which it can easily evolve into war. History knows very many instances of struggles between ruling and challenging powers with most ending in a bloodshed. Time will show.

Gefira Financial Bulletin #36 is available now

  • Negative interest rates and the flow of money
  • China sets its sights on gold
  • The largest army of pensioners in the world is emerging in China

Which is not to say that China has no problems of her own. It has its economic and democratic setbacks. The Middle Kingdom has still a lot of catching-up to do when the country’s economic output and development is compared to that of the West, while the one-child policy that was in force for decades translates into a significant shrinkage of labour and a huge wave of pensioners who will have to be provided for. Still, the Chinese are focused on success. Discipline, social cohesiveness, high moral standards, efficient, centralized decision-making, a vision for the future and the ambition shared by the government and the governed to make the nation great are sure passports to an equally great future. Courses of Chinese are offered around the globe, not excepting Eastern Europe, and they are offered not merely to businessmen but also to children. This one fact speaks volumes and we describe many others in the current bulletin.

The tanker war is coming to a head

Attacks on Saudi oil production facilities last Saturday are a response to the Saudis’ ongoing military campaign in Yemen, said the spokesman for “God’s helpers” (Huthi’s word). Trump says US weapons are primed and loaded. God with us, he should have added. He blames Satan for everything in Iran. Iran (the guardian of the true faith) claims to have nothing to do with the events. Where does the truth lie? Somewhere else. Would the Huthis without Iran’s aid be able to use ten super modern combat drones so effectively as to halve Saudi oil production within one night? Does Trump really want to go to war after he has recently released all the hawks from his administration (like Bolton)? Do we want to trust Iranian, American or Yemeni propaganda? No, we are trying to be objective in our presentation of the facts and in our analysis. As early as 2018 and in June of this year, we drew our readers’ attention to a possible new tanker war in the Gulf Unfortunately, the latest facts show that our scenario will come true: Trump tries by all means to support oil production in the US by have it reduced in the rest of the world. He is killing two birds with one stone, because at the same time he shows himself to be a strong leader before the elections, who is hard on his enemies. The war in Yemen is also an example of a hybrid war, which we will address in the October issue of our Bulletin.

Train travel in Italy

Train travel in Italy has never been so easy and affordable these days for migrants. All you need to do is to simply board the train. Chances that someone will approach you politely asking for a ticket are next to nil. If, however, especially on long distance trains such as Freccia, a conductor eventually finds you without a ticket, all he can do is, again, very politely, ask you to get off the train at the nearest station. The only result is that you continue your journey, getting on the next train. And then, if you don’t agree with such a request because your travel plans cannot be bothered by lack of a valid ticket, you can always rely on the presence of some foot soldier of Soros’s Army, ready to lend a hand or give friendly advice to an alien culprit.

This is what happened not long ago exactly on a Frecciabianca, a high-speed regional train rolling along the Tuscan coast. A loud altercation was overheard by the passengers as a sub-Saharan woman was being addressed with – allegedly – harsh words by a train cleaner who had something to say about the fact that she was without a ticket. It was the African woman’s lucky day though, as one of the passengers who witnessed the commotion was Lorenzo Tosa, a blogger and former candidate in the May EU elections put up by Soros-financed Più Europa. Tosa rushed to the scene, ready to help the African woman confronting the train cleaner, described by Tosa as “an Italian in his forties, badly dressed, wearing thick frame glasses.” In short, someone mentally retarded who dared to approach “a splendid African girl in her 20’s who was in evident distress due to the man’s behavior.” At that point of the event Tosa felt entitled to step into the discussion and demanded – actually forced – the train cleaner to apologize.

Afterwards he felt compelled to inform the reader in a lyrical style how close “with every muscle, every nerve of his body” he sympathized with the African woman. Talk about empathy of the highest degree! Why haven’t our emphatic blogger paid for her ticket as a gesture of solidarity? Why shouldn’t his empathy be directed towards all human beings? How about some empathy towards the train cleaner, whose lack of education, or lack of skills, or lack of connections, forced him to clean train toilets for six or seven euros per hour? We wonder if Tosa ever had to accept such a low level menial job. Perhaps he wouldn’t have frothed at the mouth with disdain, or disgust, towards this man whom he portrays as a worthless human being.

Again, how about some empathy towards train conductors being attacked and beaten on a daily basis by Africans whom they – always politely – lest they be charged with racially aggravated harassment – ask for a ticket? If you read the sanitized, politically correct Italian news, you would be forced to think that Italians all of sudden are becoming increasingly allergic to tickets, as the reports do not reveal the nationality of the aggressors. Tosa is too busy sympathizing with ticketless Africans, rather than with his fellow citizens making an honest living.
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They will help Poland strip herself of her property

Poland is under attack. Almost all of the one hundred US senators have signed a letter to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in which they urge him to cause the US government to “help Poland to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.” What is the issue? How does the United States want to help Poland? Do the senators want to implement a belated Marshall, whose benefits were reaped by Western Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War, plan to boost Polish economy as a kind of compensation for the 1945 Yalta Agreements within the framework of which it sold Poland to the Soviet sphere of interests? Or maybe the senators want to render military assistance against Russia by injecting the Polish budget with finances enabling her to purchase up-to-date equipment and thus upgrade her army? Or maybe they urge the Secretary of State to lift from the Polish citizens – representatives of an allied nation – the obligation of having to apply for a visa if they want to travel to the United States?

None of these. The letter addressed to Michael Pompeo has been written to “encourage him to pursue bold initiatives” to… strip Poland of a huge amount of property and transfer it to Jews – you guessed it right: holocaust survivors – and Jewish organizations. What property? Anything owned by the Jews before 1945, and even afterwards, by the Jews who were at that time Polish citizens. Anything irrespective of the fact whether there are heirs to the property or not. Polish courts honour the documented claims submitted by rightful heirs, but that is not what is meant by S.447 – Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act of 2017, where we read that “in the case of heirless property, the provision of property or compensation” should nevertheless be demanded “to assist needy Holocaust survivors, Holocaust education, and for other purposes”. The document also stipulates that also “wrongfully seized or transferred” property be returned to individual Jews or Jewish organizations, where the term “wrongfully seized or transferred includes confiscations, expropriations, nationalizations, forced sales or transfers, and sales or transfers under duress during the Holocaust era or the period of Communist rule.”

There are two things that hit straight in the eye. First, the tribal or racial approach to the problem. It is Jews as a tribe that must be compensated for. It does not matter whether a property has a documented heir or not, nor does it matter that at the time when Jews were owners they were all Polish citizens to the man, which under any system of law means that heirless property is taken over by the state. Second, “wrongfully seized or transferred” property during “the period of Communist rule” refers to the years following the Second World War, a time when Poland was ruled by a communist party which carried out “confiscations, expropriations, nationalizations, forced sales or transfers” of all kinds of means of production and other property and these acts were implemented for the most part by Polish Jews who staffed – at times – the majority or near-majority of the decision-making levels of government, the communist party and law enforcement. What chutzpah! Continue reading

Gold trades at an all-time high in nearly all leading currencies

Between 2000 and 2010 the price of gold in dollars quadrupled and since then it has increased by 50%. By way of comparison, from 2015 to 2019 the price of bitcoin rose by 3000%. Gold may soon follow suit and trade at 45.000 dollars an ounce by the end of 2020. What is possible for the digital currency is also possible for gold. Which is not to say that we know what the precise worth of gold will be: what we hold for sure is that the price of this metal will only soar.

In the Gefira bulletin, we have explained in detail the root cause of the economic and financial problems in the Western world.

The production capacity in the most economically advanced nations is collapsing. Between 2020 and 2030 the white Europeans and East Asians will be leaving the workforce in droves, while the number of retirees will be growing. The global population is increasing at a staggering pace, but the populations that have shaped the modern world are shrinking. Neither the left and nor the liberals dare to touch this subject. Either maintains that all ethnic groups are the same and all individuals are equal. If such is the case – they say – we can import people to Europe or the United States from the Third World and thus solve the problem. This claim is not substantiated by any evidence. The disappearance of the Germans, French or English will mean that the vibrant economies created by them in Europe and on other continents will disappear as well. The same holds good for Japan. Continue reading

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Gefira-Bulletin #36

It all began with relocating American and generally Western industry to China. Westernbusinessmen could not believe their luck: China, the largest market in the world,was there for them to reap handsome profit from; China, the largest reservoir of cheaplabour was there for them to exploit. Little thought seems to have been given to Americannational security. The Middle Kingdom, however, had its own agenda. It aimed atusing Western technologies to elevate itself and strengthen its international position.With the Soviet Union gone, China has gradually emerged as Washington’s new contestant.Before the Americans noticed that some of the best of their technology havebeen transferred to or stolen by the Chinese, before they noticed that by outsourcingmanufacture to this Asian tiger they have impoverished and numerically diminishedtheir middle class, within three or so decades the Middle Kingdom became the world’ssecond largest economy. When eventually the American elites woke up to the problem,it was so aggravated that only a trade and financial war appeared to be the availableoption.


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As of now, China is being depicted as almost a rogue state, which is acting inbad faith in economic and financial dealings (the Huawei affair, the G5 technology) andviolating the human rights. Alleged Chinese involvement in the trafficking of humanorgans tops the list of accusations. How much of it is true remains to be seen. One thingis certain: when war breaks out – and we are witnessing the diplomatic and economicstruggle between the two powers – truth is its first victim.

Gefira-Bulletin #35

History is not a science in the strict sense of the word: you cannot pour human populations, into test tubes, heat up and agitate them to see how they mingle and whether the mixture has better qualities than its constituent ingredients. Yet, it does not mean that there are no experiments in history: History carries them out on its own and the only thing an analyst has to do is to identify them and draw inferences. If something happens at present, it has its parallels at a point in the past, somewhere on the globe. Hence the saying that history repeats itself or the adage: nothing new under the sun. Russian folk wisdom says that anything that we call new is merely something that has been long forgotten (Новое – это хорошо забытое старое).


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The white man's world – Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand – is undergoing a process that the Germans call Umvolkung, the French – Le grand remplacement, and the English – ethnic replacement. Its advocates preach the gospel of the non-existence of human races or significant differences between them, of the blessings of multicultural societies and generally the inevitability of this epic change. All past events are interpreted in a manner that is supposed to convince the average white man that he can only benefit from what the multi-racial, multi-racional and multi-confessional future holds. But does it? In the June bulletin of Gefira we show our readers around one of History's laboratories known as South Africa, where races, nations and creeds have been poured into a test tube, heated up and agitated, and produced a specific mixture whose characteristics we can analyze and eventually arrive at the right conclusions. Whether we embrace or reject the future served us on a silver platter by social engineers, we ought to at least take the trouble to know what we are in for. One does not buy clothes or shoes without first trying them on. And since History is kind enough to let us into her many laboratories, why should we reject such an invitation?