Xi highlights support for DPRK, cooperation

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Chinese President Xi Jinping departed Friday for home after concluding a two-day state visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

China would like to offer as much help as possible to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to address its legitimate security and development concerns, President Xi said on Thursday. Source: China Daily

Chennai – India’s sixth largest city – Has Nearly Run Out of Water, And No One Is Talking About It

This time last year the roughly half-a-million people who live in Cape Town were in a panic. Their city was three months away from becoming the first major metropolis to fully deplete its water sources, and as the saga unfolded, the whole world watched in earnest. Today, in Chennai – India’s sixth largest city – 4.6 million people have all but run out of water, and only now are we beginning to pay attention. Science: Alert

Churches in Stratford, West Ham and Leytonstone targeted in arson attacks

Three churches across east London were targeted in a series of arson attacks, according to church leaders. Archdeacon of West Ham, Elwin Cockett, said he was “shocked and saddened” by the vandalism and arson attacks at three churches yesterday (Wednesday, June 19) – St John’s church in Stratford, St Matthew’s in West Ham and Cann Hall Road Baptist Church in Leytonstone. Source: Guardian