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Russia World Cup Will Be Taken Away

US intervention in FIFA election spells the end of the Moscow World Cub. Without any doubt FIFA is as corrupt as can be, but US law enforcement actions are primarily meant to take away Russian world cup 2018.

It is well known the US has different means at its disposal to fight a Hybrid war.

  1. Promoting regime change by a plethora of NGO’s.
  2. International sanctions
  3. Intimidating Military presence in areas that are not a threat to the US internal security
  4. Juridical sanctions
  5. Economical warfare.

The juridical warfare is very effective. It is an important component of the economic warfare, it effectively pushed all Banks including European and Japanese out of Cuba making business in Cuba nearly impossible.

Year Banks Fine Source
2012 HSCB  $2 billion havanatimes
2012 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ  $8.6 million nytimes
2013 Intesa Sanpaola  $2.9 million wall street journal
2012 ING  $619 million reuters
2013 BNP  $8.9 billion reuters

Banks  fined by  the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for doing business in Cuba.

European Banks where forced to leave Cuba in 2006. Those that stayed in Cuba where heavenly penalize. Especially financial institutions got fines up to nearly 9 Billion dollar for doing business with the “enemy”  Cuba. Similar measures will be used to stop the Russian World Cub 2018.

The US will reside to similar policies to end the Moscow 2018 World Soccer Cub. During the G7 meeting the US is pressing to increase Russian sanctions. As we have an other 3 years to go before 2018 these sanctions could become much harder, making it nearly impossible for sponsors to do business in Russia.

With the US FIFA  corruption investigation it will gather public support for is policy and it will pressure FIFA to take the World Cub away from Russia.


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