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Syrian-Ukrainian interests of Russia

Reports on increasing Russian activity in Syria are covered by rumors about reducing support for separatists from Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. Vladimir Putin most likely will not risk the game on two fronts and will shift his military attention to the Middle-East. He does so not only due to threats related directly to Islamic State (IS) and to eventual downfall of Bashar al-Assad, but also because of the fact, that the road to a victory in Ukraine leads through Damascus and Latakia.

Since September 1st the ceasefire in the eastern Ukraine has been broadly respected by both sides of the conflict. However, reported single incidents of violation have been pointed out each other by rebels1 and Ukrainian army2. Also Contact Group failed so far to agree on the pullback of heavy weapons3. Quarrels on elections in Luhansk People’s Republic and Donetsk People’e Republic4 also show that political confusion will not be stopped.

Inconsistent statements of separatists leaders regarding local elections cast doubts, though. They are beating about the dates of elections, not knowing if October/November term would be better or February 21st 5. It could be a symptom of sliding ground from under feet, because Russia seems to leave the Ukraine conflict for now. Of course, political pressure will not be diluted – quite the reverse!

While Europe had been focusing completely on the migration crisis and on Syria, a quick escalation of the conflict in Donbass could be overlooked by western governments. But Putin did not decide for this solution, quite reasonably. What he wants now is easing the sanctions and international recognition of Russia’s global position. Without these factors, the Ukraine conflict cannot be won by Russia.

Now Syria offers to Putin much higher „return rate”, with much lower risk. What could he gain? If supported by Russian troops and aircraft Assad defeats the rebels or even ISIS, then it would be a geopolitical great victory for Putin. He would also eliminate caliphate warriors from his own country or push them out to mountain’s shelters. If Assad would not win, but just survive (his main enemy are rebels on the West of the country), it could be also a success of Russia and its ally – Iran – because it would be a blow for the US and Europe. And even if Assad would lose, then Syria would become „second Libya”, delivering unbelievable wave of migrants to Europe.

Migrants or refugees issue is a permament bonus for Putin in each of these scenarios, because escalating actually stabilized conflict must lead to a mass movement of people from Syria and from its neighbours’ refugee camps. So far, only a part of refugees have come to the EU – barely more than 442 thousands6 from 3.9 million7. Next thousands are still waiting and divided Europe will be weakened, anyway. And it will need Russia to negotiate „Middle-East-truce”, because of its direct engagement in the war. It would be the greatest succes for Russia and it can be reached just by strengthening Assad’s military position, if only Gulf states would not reinforce rebels again.

Russia can regain in Syria its international recognition, what is basically happening now with voices from Germany and US. And from New Yorks’ UN summit. Leading all sides to a „negotiating table” should be main goal of Putin, as he allways searched the possibility of „the new Yalta”. Then, in a long term, with strong diplomatic position, Russia can „sell” the peace in the Middle-East for Ukraine or at least for Crimea recognition or a non-NATO status of entire Ukraine.

Kiev for now has a hard choice. There are many signals, that separatists are abondoned by Russian. There are already some evidence, that Russian troops are fighting in Syria8. There is a possibility, that they are mercenaries from Donbas, like 190 individuals from the battalion „Don”9. Only control units and snipers are left, just to lead a positional battle. The coordinator of the „information resistance” Dmitry Timchuk claims, that separatists management believes that Moskow rejects plans fo further escalations. People’s Republics are in panic after withdrawal of some units of troops and some officers to Russia or Syria10. Also humanitarian aid convoys, two have been sent in September so far11, could be used to strengthen militants as well as to export from Donbas some equipment.

Interesting is not only what Russia do in Ukraine, but also what it does around it. Firstly, there are rumors, that Border Troops of the FSB inceased monitoring of the border between Russia Federation and Ukraine. Moreover, a second major military base for 5000 soildiers and heavy weapon is planed to be built near the border with Ukraine12. Also a military air base in Belarus is to be built, as Putin and Belarusian President Alexandr Lukashenka reached an agreement this month.

Hawks would say that Putin is preparing for war with NATO, while doves – that he crossed out Ukraine and prepares for its NATO membership or alliance in the future. So the move is now on the Kiev’s side. They can attack and try to regain Donbas with force (could be problematic at all) or focuse on reaching agreement with weakend separatists and continue with crucial political and economic reforms.

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