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World War in Syria and Iraq


Turkey has deployed troops to Northern Iraq near Mosul and the Shaqlawa region. Source Cihan Turkey is also deploying troops on the Syrian border to protect the Tomb of Suleyman Shah Source Wikipedia
Spain has deployed the PATRIOT missile system as part of NATO’s obligation to protect Turkey. Source Nato 
Russia has deployed an S-400 air defense system, and stations Su-24 bombers at the Russian Hmeimim military base in Latakia. Source EuroNews
Britain is carrying out airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. The UK bombers are stationed in Cyprus. Source The Guardian
Hundreds of Iranian troops arrived in Syria in October. Source The Guardian In the media there is widespread rumour that Iranian advisers and special forces are also operating in Iraq.
Australia has sent 300 military trainers to Iraq; it is also conducting airstrikes there. The Australian air force is stationed in the UAE Source The Guardian Australia’s Air Task Group is conducting air combat and supports operations in Iraq and Syria. Source Australian Government
Denmark has committed over 100 military trainers to Iraq in 2015 at the request of the USA. Source The Local
By deploying F-16s to Jordan and sending military trainers to Kurds, the Netherlands, in concert with a number of other countries led by the United States, is helping to break the fighting power of the ISIS terrorist organisation. Source Dutch Ministry of Defence
The US is to deploy a specialised force to Iraq to build pressure on Islamic State militants. Source BBC
here are US soldiers to train Kurds in Northern Iraq. Source: Deutsche Welle US is conducting air strikes in Syria from the Turkish Base Incirlik. The US is also conducting airstrikes in Iraq. Source  Reuters 
France is conducting air strikes from its carrier located in the Persian Gulf. The strikes are directed against targets in Iraq and Syria. Source The National Interest
Italian forces have been present in the Middle East as part of the western coalition against Isis for over a year, but until now they have played merely a supporting role. The Italian forces in the coalition consist of fighter jets, unarmed drones and a KC767 refuelling aircraft, all of which are being operated from an airbase in Kuwait. Source: Source The Local
Israel is conducting different air strikes against Hezbollah in Syria  and the Assad government. Israel  supports the Jihadist movement against Assad. Source Reuters




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